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My Lego Wish List Last Updated: November 10, 2006

To make things simple for my friends and family, I have compiled a wishlist of sets I do not have, but would like to have. Some can be picked up at local departments stores, all can be purchased through Lego Shop at Home -- BUT, with the house, I'd rather have a Home Depot Gift certificate. :)

November 2006 - There is a rumour that 9V track will be discontinued. So, I'd love to get as much of that as possible before they stop making it. Make sure it is 9V and not the new RC track.

4515 Straight Track 9V  
Approx. $20.00
4520 Curved Track 9V  
Approx. $20.00
4519 Cross Track 9V  
Approx. $15.00
4531 Switching Track 9V  
Approx. $15.00
7242 Street Sweeper  
Approx. $7.00
7901 Airplane Mechanic  
Approx. $5.00
7246 Mini Digger  
Approx. $4.00
628 Extra Large Grey Baseplace  
Approx. $14.00
10013 Open Freight Wagon  
Approx. $20.00
10153 9V Train Motor  
Approx. $35.00
Examples Any Bucket of Standard Bricks  
KT407 Small Grey Train with Tender  
Approx. $40.00
* Purchase from Lego Shop at Home: 1-800-453-4652 or http://shop.lego.com

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