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May 26/04 - Here is the actual letter I sent:

Paul Martin believes that Stephen Harper's proposed tax cut to "american" levels would hurt Canada's social programs and health care.

Part of his premise being that american taxes are lower due to no national health care system in the United States.

In this comparrison, Martin should look at something that the Americans have, which Canadians do not. A large, state-of-the-art military -- on which the Pentegon spend approximately 30 million dollars (that's US dollars!) every hour.

So Canadians spend more taxes on health care, but Americans spend considerable more on defense. And, yet, Canada's tax rates are considerably higher. Where is all the other money going?

There's something about Liberals and taking our money. We saw it last week in Ontario, and now we see Paul Martin's true colours.

Geoff Hunt

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Sep 23/2021 - 10:34am EST