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Count to 3... Not 4... 
10 Things about SexText
If these are true... Holy! 
100 Reasons to be a MaleText
This should make up for all that Male Bashing 
100% at WorkText
Suggestions for Job Attitudes 
101 uses for an IBMText
I hope you bought a clone and did not waste your money 
103 PercentText
When you have to give more than 100% 
13 Misleading RiddlesText
See if you can figure out these riddles 
16 Year BulletsText
A mother gets shot, 16 years later her story 
1954 Home ComputerPicture
A newsclipping from the 1950's about the first computer and how people will use them is 2004 
1980s Child AbusePicture
This has to pass for child abuse 
2 More Simple PuzzlesPicture
More simple fun for Blondes 
23rd Computer PsalmText
The 23rd Psalm is updated for computers 
4 Simple PuzzlesPicture
If you cannot solve these puzzles, there is something wrong 
46 Facts about WomenText
List of facts every guy should know 
50 Fun things to do in a MallText
Bored? Try some of these... 
50 Signs You Have A Drinking ProblemText
You might want to check in AA if these apply 
50 Things about UniversityText
50 things that Admissions never told me about University 
61 Amazing FactsText
Some interesting facts about our world 
63 Things You Might Not Have KnownText
Here are some good dinner conversation starters 
6th Grade HistoryText
Answers to History Questions 
7 Degrees on BlondenessText
How to tell how blonde you are 
710 Cap?Picture
A women needs a 710 cap for her car 
9-1-1 CallsText
Some of the weird calls received by 9-1-1 dispatchers 
A and P truthText
While waiting in a checkout line 
A Baby's MorningPicture
This kid has had a tough morning so far 
A Bridge to HawaiiText
A Genie grants three wishes 
A Canadian TaleText
Yet another Canadian-American story 
A Letter HomeText
A Freshman Sends a Letter Home to His Parents 
A Little Small?Picture
Santa might have a problem with this house 
A Love StoryText
A little steamy story from someone who loves you 
A Male BrainPicture
Shocking Truth about what is in a Mans Mind 
A Mans LifePicture
What a man's life is like before and after marriage 
A Mother and her newlywed daughtersText
A mother helps her daughters adjust to the married life 
A Mutual UnderstandingText
An Iraqi and American Soldier meet in the desert 
A Redneck's LifePicture
Various things that are part of Hic's life 
A Spy Among UsPicture
One of these guys just doesn't belong here 
A True Canadian Hockey FanText
How much do you love Hockey? 
A True FriendText
Tired of those cheesy Friends forwards? 
A womens ageText
The difference between being 8 and 58 
ABCs of FriendshipText
Sappy list of Friendship Qualities 
Abrieviated BibleText
The Bible in 50 Words 
Absolute AdvertisingPicture
A take off of the Vodka advertisements 
Abstainence on Noahs ArkText
No fun on the ark 
Accident AheadPicture
Ever wonder what really caused highway accidents 
Adams WishlistText
A conversation in the Garden of Eden 
Adult Dog StorePicture
When Dogs buy at those XXX places 
Adventures in the English LanguageText
English is difficult to learn! 
Advice about KidsText
Some words of wisdom about raising children 
Aids WarningPicture
A warning about aids in elderly people 
Air AccidentPicture
Santa's has to watch where he's going 
Air RudolfPicture
How Rudolf Flies could get Santa in Trouble 
AirLine MechanicsText
Two Airline Mechanics Decide to Drink on the Job 
Airplane DiscussionText
Two guys strike up a conversation while in flight 
Airplane TaxiingPicture
An Airplane prepares for take-off 
Airplane-Safe BuildingsPicture
In a perfect world, buildings could resist airplanes 
Alcohol at WorkText
16 Reasons why Alcohol should be served at Work 
Alcohol PersonalitiesText
You are what you drink 
Alcohol WarningText
They got cigarette warnings, why no for beer 
Alcohol WarningsText
If beer bottles ever get the same warning labels at cigarettes, perhaps they will say the following 
Alcoholic WorkersText
Why Companies Should Allow Alcohol in the Workplace 
Alf is Growing OldPicture
Arthretis can really have an impact on your daily routine 
Alien Song (3 Mb)Movie
Rendition of the song - I will survive 
All Grown UpText
26 Signs that you've grown up 
All Wired UpPicture
This is quite the set-up -- note the sign 
Alligator Mating SeasonPicture
A sign warning passers-by about the mating alligators 
Alligator ShoesText
A blonde tries to purchase genuine alligator shoes but runs into problems 
Always OpenPicture
Store Sign Announces Store Hours 
Amazon RouletteText
How Russian Roulette is played in the Jungle 
America - ExplainedText
It is a strange country 
American Bubble GumText
An american and Canadian have a conversation over Breakfast 
American Online DisksText
101 Uses for those AOL disks 
American World AtlasText
How America looks at the World 
Americas Mini MePicture
Like father, like son 
Amish TeenagerText
Top 10 Signs Your Amish Teenager is in Trouble 
Amish TerroristPicture
How to spot an Terrorist among the Amish 
Amish Traffic InfractionText
An Amish Women is pulled over by the Police 
An Eggs LifeText
Think your life Sucks? 
An Irishmans Last LaughText
An Irishman only have a few months to live 
And it was soText
Story about Creation 
Angels ReportText
God sends 2 angels down to report on earth 
Angry WifeText
A husband is not in his wife's good books after the weekend 
Animals and DrugsText
Why do drugs when you can run through the forest 
Answering God's MailText
A Canada Post employee replies to a letter addressed to God 
Answering Machine MessagesText
Various Outgoing messages left on machines 
Ape-weight lossPicture
An Ape has come to a point in his life 
Appropriate F-word quotesText
Top 10 Times In History when using the 'F' word was appropriate 
Are you a Professional?Text
Simple test to find out how professional you are 
Argument WinningPicture
Graph illustration of a man's chance to win an argument during various stages of a relationship 
Tired of using :) and :( to express emotions? 
Arthurs QuestionText
A question that King Arthur must answer 
Asking for Directions (2.5 Mb)Movie
Approaching people on the streets for directions may be lethal 
Atheist TeachersText
A story from the classroom 
Attempted Murder?Text
Funny story about someone who thought they had been shot 
Aussie Snake StoryPicture
Is this guy just a bit stupid? 
Austrailian Sheep HerderPicture
So that is how they get their animals to market 
Axis of Evil and othersText
The tagging of Evil Countries 
Baby CloningPicture
Is it right to play God? 
Baby MosesPicture
Moses was not the easiest kid to raise 
Baby PartyingText
Why men should not Babysit 
Bad Cereal NamePicture
This is how fights get started at the breakfast table 
Bad Fortune CookiePicture
A forture you never want to see after eating Chinese Food 
Bad Gas or Good Beans?Picture
This guy should probably go see a doctor 
Bad Interview SkillsText
What not to say in a Job Interview 
Bad Jeopardy QuestionsText
Bad Questions to Jeopardy type answers 
Bad Parking AttendantPicture
Who parked these cars? 
Bad SuicidePicture
A building jumper lands truly head first 
Bad Team PhotoPicture
A memoriable photo of a junior hockey team 
Baking Bacon?Picture
Need a little UV protection? 
Baptist RedneckText
You might be a Baptist if... 
Barbie and KenPicture
Find out what happened in the Heat of the Moment 
Barbie from the CryptPicture
Barbie's after-death look 
Barbie RejectsText
Rejects themes and ideas for the Barbie Doll 
Barbie Wanna-besText
A list of rejected names for Barbie Dolls 
Barbie's Style ChangePicture
Barbie Doll has a new look 
Bart Simpsons ChalkboardText
All the writings of Bart during the Intro 
Bathroom CubiclePicture
Management Aims to Increase your Office Productivity 
Be careful what you wish forText
A couple is granted each a wish 
Bear in Nature (1 Mb)Flash
A nature show films a bear fishing for salmon in the river 
Bear WarningText
A park wardens warning about bears 
Beaver - DAM!Picture
A beaver has some troubles making his dam 
Because of BlondeText
A blonde girl is a quick learner in school 
Bedroom Golf RulesText
Rules for Bedroom Golf 
Bedtime ReadingPicture
What long-time married couples read in bed 
Bee Bothering (2mb)Movie
Why is this bee bothering this lovely lady 
Beer -- Before and AfterPicture
See what happens to your vision after a few beers 
Beer Delays Death (3.5 Mb)Movie
Why does this guy keep surviving all these things 
Beer Drinker SoulText
Chicken Soup for the Beer Drinking Soul 
Beer PrayerText
Prayer for those who believe in other 
Beer ScootersText
How drunks seem to end up getting home at night 
Beer StudyPicture
A little study about the effects of alcohol 
Beer TroubleshootingPicture
A Troubleshooting Chart to help you out at the Bar 
Beer WarningsText
Much like smoking, the FDA wants warnings on bottles 
Behind the PorridgeText
This should end all the stories about the three bears 
Belviee it or notText
A University Studie illustrates how the human mind reads a passage 
Ben Laden Lately?Picture
Wrong Spelling. Right Meaning. 
Best Company NamePicture
I wonder how much marketing and research went into this name 
Best HeadlinesText
The Best Newspaper Headlines of the Year 
Best Law EnforcementText
Which organization does the best job - FBI, CIA or LAPD 
Best of MicrosoftPicture
Taking the best of MS Operation Systems 
Better than your KidsPicture
An art critic evaluates little children's art 
Biblical CoffeeText
A wife and husband discuss who should make the coffee in the morning 
Biblical Wife AcquisitionText
The Top 16 Biblical Ways to Acquire a Wife 
Bicycle LandingPicture
Thank goodness there is a seat 
Big FeetPicture
Is what they say true? 
Bill Gates Classroom RulesText
Rules given to a classroom about life 
Bill Gates' HellText
Bill dies (yippee) 
A new billboard for Clintons Education Program 
Bin Laden HighPicture
Take off of I got High song 
Bin Who?Picture
Various affiliates of Osama Bin Laden 
Bird in the SkyPicture
Look up there... It's a bird... 
Bitter DivorceText
Divorce can be hard (or easy) on people 
Bless you my ChildPicture
A stain glass window of a priest blessing a child 
Blind FarmerPicture
A blind Farmer tries to round up some chickens 
Blind ManText
Two Nuns meet a Blind Man 
Blind SnowmanPicture
A blind school enjoys a fun day in the snow and builds a snowman 
Blonde Bar JokeText
A blind man finds himself in an awkward predicament 
Blonde CarPicture
How can you tell if a Blonde owns a car 
Blonde DiaryText
A blonde writes about her home renovation experience 
Blonde GamblingText
This girl has the right idea 
Blonde JokesText
Various Jokes about our favourite hair group 
Blonde v. VentrilloquistText
What a blonde thinks of a Ventrilloquist 
Blondest Joke of the YearText
So far, the best blonde joke of 2003 
Bobs RecommendationText
Find out what Bobs boss thinks of him 
Bomb IraqText
Sung to the tune of "If you're happy..." 
Bomb TechnicianPicture
Working around TNT gives you a unique sense of humour 
Bottle of WineText
A young woman and a Navajo woman meet along the side of the road 
Box under BedText
Clinton keeps a Box under his bed 
Boys and GirlsPicture
Two kids playing in the Swimming Pool 
Bridgestone RubberPicture
After their bad tires that causes rollovers, bridgestone looks for new products 
Britney - Before and AfterPicture
I think this photo puts the debate to rest about our young singer 
Bubba and Jimmy JoeText
Bubba explains to Jimmy how he got his new truck 
Budweiser FrogsPicture
These frogs are not Singing about Beer 
Bumper StickersPicture
Stickers you will not see on a car 
Bunny and SnakeText
A fable about a bunny and snake and how it relates to international affairs 
Bush - the ActorPicture
George W. Bush stars in a few upcoming movie roles 
Bush Explains IraqPicture
Bush's speech outlines the reasons for going into Iraq 
Bush loses WarPicture
What George W. Bush will look like if he loses the war 
Bush's BinocularsPicture
Dubya gets a closer view of the battlefield 
Bush's VacationPicture
Perhaps the president didn't cut his fishing trip short for Katrina after all 
Bush's Vatican VisitPicture
Dubya visits the Pope 
Button SayingsText
Sayings for Buttons 
Buy the WarrantyPicture
Number one reason why to get the extended warranty 
A nice little story with an interesting finishing thought 
Humour for the golfer in all of us 
Calling it a NightText
20 Clues that a Woman Should Call it a Night: 
Calvin & Hobbes SnowmenPicture
Various comics from Calvin and Hobbes about Snowmen 
Canada Kicks ButtText
A little patriotism for Canadian 
Canadian ApologyText
A Truly Canadian Apology to the USA... By Rick Mercer 
Canadian JobsText
Why it is so tough to find employment in Canada 
Canadian JokesText
A few jokes for the canuck in all of us 
Canadian ValueText
We Canadians try to help 
Car Brand AcronymsText
Slogans for various vehicle manufacturers 
Car For SalePicture
This car is a steal! 
Car Safety DevicePicture
A new device that reduces accidents by 45% 
Card for the HusbandPicture
A greeting card for that great guy 
Carpet ChasePicture
How the US Air Force is tracking Osama Bin Laden 
Cat AffairPicture
This cat has to do a better job of hiding the evidence of his affairs 
Cat TapeMovie
A weird japanese commercial about how to make you cat walk weird ways with tape 
Cat Tummy AchePicture
A cat moans and relents on what he just ate 
Cat's Bad Hair DayPicture
Some days, you can't do anything with your hair 
Cat's WishPicture
A simple wish for your friends 
Catching SnowflakesPicture
These birds have a perfect opportunity 
Catholic DrivingPicture
How you know when Catholics are driving too fast 
Cats and BabiesText
Why Cats are Better than Babies 
Caught in the Act!Picture
This is definately not puppy love 
Cause of FirePicture
I wonder what caused the fire at this house 
Chalkboard DrawingsPicture
A classroom draws on the Chalkboard 
Cheap HMOText
You know you have a cheap HMO when... 
Checking the WebPicture
How many hits does your Website get? 
Cheerful Glow WormPicture
A little thought from a Glow Worm about why he's so happy 
Chicken Horror MoviesPicture
What chickens watch on late night scary TV 
Childrens Property RulesText
Simple Rules that Children Follow 
Childrens Story BooksText
Titles of kids books you will never see 
Chimp Smells(500Kb)Movie
A curious little chimp finds out about some interesting smells 
Chinese ImagesPicture
Images from the land of the orient 
Chinese Military DutyPicture
And you thought your job was tough 
Chinese TortureText
The 3 rules to Chinese Torture 
Chinese TranslatorText
Learn Chinese in 5 minutes 
Chocolate is betterText
Why chocolate is better than... 
Chocolate MathText
The definition of Chocolate... Mmm... Chocolate 
Christian Bumper StickersText
Top 10 things people will not say when they see a Christian Bumper Sticker 
Christian One-linesText
Have to love us Christians and our Humour 
Christian Pick-up LinesText
Now, all you need is a Christian Bar to try these out. 
Christmas AttorneyPicture
Christmas used to be about the gifts and presents... now it is all legalities 
Christmas Carols for Dysfunctional FamiliesText
Alternative Lyrics for Christmas Carols 
Christmas Eve FlatPicture
Santa gets a flat on Christmas Eve -- the one night when he's in a rush 
Christmas Eve IntruderPicture
Darn Americans - someone invades their house and it'ss shoot first, explain later 
Christmas Gift MarkersPicture
What not to buy a child for Christmas 
Christmas in the North Text
Desperate to get away from everyone, Tom moves up north for some peace and quiet 
Christmas Office PartyText
A secretary organizes her office's Christmas Party 
Christmas PresentPicture
The perfect gift for any male 
Christmas Tree StoryText
How the Angel got on top of the tree 
Christmas TurkeyText
A mother plays a little prank on her daughter 
Church BulletinsText
A collection of errors in Church Bulletins 
Church SignPicture
Check out the Name of this Church 
Client ParkingPicture
You know what they say about guys with nice cars 
Clinton CountryText
Watch what you say in Bars 
Clinton Pez DispenserPicture
Former President Clinton's legacy continues... 
Cockpit ViewPicture
See where airline pilots have their eyes 
Coffee Anyone?Flash
May I offer you a coffee 
Coke Ad BreakPicture
What the polar bears talk about in between commercial shoots 
Coke AddictPicture
You have to watch who you hang out with 
Cold Enough for You?Text
A comparrison of Canadian Cold to the World 
Cold Religious NightsText
Have you heard the one about the Priest and the Nun? 
College Bible StudentsText
What if the bible was written by College Students? 
College LetterText
A Student writes her parents a letter 
College vs. Pre-schoolText
Top 10 Reasons why College is like Pre-school 
Colour ConfusionPicture
This might fool your brain.. 
Coming out of a ComaText
Gross story about a Wifes Coma 
Company StatisticsText
A 500 member company has some terrible statistics 
Comparing Gas PricesText
A comparrison of Gasoline to other products we buy 
Comparing Men and WomenText
Another Saga in the Battle of the Sexes 
Comparing SARSPicture
Facts and Comparisons of SARS to other ways to die 
Compensation FormText
A bricklayer explains his Workers Compensation Form 
Computer AdditionsPicture
Extras that you wish your computer had 
Computer CatPicture
This Kitty is a bit Confused when it comes to Food 
Computer Crash SafetyPicture
A new device in your monitor can reduce injuries 
Computer Geek Pick-up LinesText
Pick-up lines for those really cool computer guys 
Computer GendersText
Why computers are like Males and Females 
Computer HicksPicture
Tech Terms for the Hicks 
Computer MousePicture
Hey! There's a mouse near your computer 
Computer Mouse DatingPicture
What happens to your Computer Mouse at night 
Computer One-LinersText
One liners about computers 
Concerned CitizenPicture
A newspaper article about a resident's noise concerns about construction 
Condo RentalPicture
Advertisement for a Condo 
Confessions of an Old ManText
An elderly catholic gentlemen confesses his secret 
Confusious Say...Text
Very wise quotes from Confusious... 
Congratulating the WinnerPicture
Usually a tap on the button is sufficient 
Consumer WarningsText
Actual Product Warnings 
Cooking TurkeyText
For beginners, a tried and true method to cook a turkey 
Cop One-linersText
Quotes and one liners that you'll probably never hear from a copy 
Cop StoriesText
3 Good stories about Cops and Speeders 
Cops can be FunnyText
Some remarks caught on cop-car video cameras during routine traffic stops 
Corporate CondomsPicture
If condoms had sponsors... 
Corporate LessonsText
Stories which depict Morals about the Business World 
Corporate LingoText
Phrases that you should listen for in the Office 
Costanza's Work RulesText
10 Rules that George Costanza uses at the Office 
Country ShoppingPicture
What happens when a country girl goes shopping in the big city 
Courses for WomenText
Schooling Courses that Women should take 
Court QuestionsText
Questions and Answers that are from Court Transcript 
Cow LingoText
Say some phrases with cow in front of them 
Cow TalkPicture
Two Cows want to talk to you 
Cow TroublesMovie
This cow finds out that it is not as easy as it looks 
Crappy JobPicture
Think your job is bad? 
Cujos BillPicture
The former leaf goaltender's bill for leaving the team 
Cultural DifferencesPicture
There are some noticable differences between France and America 
Cultural DifferencesText
American and Canadian Cultural Tensions 
Curious BoyText
A little boy has a question while taking a bath 
Cyber-sex HotlineText
Actual log of an internet sex conversation (not rude) 
Daddy's ProfessionText
What does your Dad do for a living? 
Dads Dating RulesText
A list of Rules that a Father wants a guy to follow 
Daily LivesText
Using the Bible in our everyday lives 
Daily PrayerText
A person says their daily prayer 
Darkside TeacherText
Top Ten Signs Your Teacher is on "The Dark Side" 
Darwin AwardsText
Awards for the most Idiotic People who are de-evolving 
Darwin Awards 2004Text
A new round of awards for the most Idiotic People who are de-evolving 
Dating faux pasPicture
A girl learns a valuable dating lesson 
Dating my DaughterText
Permission form to date a Fathers daughter 
Day off WorkText
Asking for a day off work? 
Dear AbbyText
Probably one of the better Dear Abby letters 
Dear Diary...Text
An American writes about her move to Canada 
Dear DogText
An owner writes a letter to his/her dog addressing some concerns that they have 
Dear John...Text
The BEST Dear John letter ever -- and the response 
Dear Proctor and GambleText
A customer writes the company a letter about Tide 
Death by ViagraPicture
Viagra can be hazardous to your health 
Death to ChainlettersText
The Truth about Chain Letters - A MUST READ! 
Dedicate Simpson FanPicture
Now that is one house owner seriously addicted to the Simpsons 
Deep ThoughtsText
Deep Thoughts about life - or are they? 
Deep Thoughts IIText
Some more thoughts to consider and meditate on 
Dem West Indian PeopleText
An officer pulls over a guyanese driver 
Slogans for the rest of us! 
Desert Island DesireText
A ship-wrecked man meets up with a ship-wrecked women 
Designated DriverText
A good drinking story about a police officer pulling over a drunk driver 
Desperate GardenerPicture
This guy is willing to work for anything 
Destiny MeetingText
A girl and guy meet by fate in a car accident 
Did he or Didn't he?Picture
I curious boy licks his finger 
Did they mean to do that?Picture
Were these things supposed to be this way or is it just coincidence 
Dilbert-type ManagersText
A magazine recently ran a Dilbert Quotes contest. 
Dinner Conversation - Gone WrongText
A husband and wife talk at the dinner table 
Do Re Mi DrinkText
Homer Simpsons Do-Re-Mi Song 
Doctor Dave's DilemmaText
Doctor Dave's thoughts are getting to him 
Doctor JokesText
A few stories about Doctors 
Doctors HandwritingPicture
The answer to how Pharmacists read doctors messy handwriting 
Doctors, Lawyers, and BikersText
What each of them bought their wives 
Dog Food (.5 Mb)Flash
A dog grabs his owner's food and tries to cover it up 
Dog Re-incarnationText
Things to remember when I come back as a Dog 
Dog-aholics AnonymousPicture
What happens at DA meetings 
Doggie AffairPicture
This dalmation is going to end up in the - dare I say it - dog house 
Doggie ObediancePicture
An Owner has troubles training his dog 
Doggy ChristmasPicture
A glimpse inside a dog's house at Christmas time 
Dogs and ComputersText
Top Ten Reasons Why your Dog Shouldn�t Use the Computer 
Dogs at the BarPicture
Not quite the same as the classic Dogs Playing Poker picture 
Dogs in the SnowPicture
It iss cold even for dogs! 
Dogs v. Men at Meal TimeText
Why dogs are better companions at dinner time 
Doing the LimitText
A elderly lady is pulled over on the highway 
Don't drop the NukePicture
Careful with that missile 
Donald Duck RidePicture
Did they mean to do this when designing this ride 
Donald Ducks TrousersPicture
Cartoon about Donald Duck buying some pants 
Donald Trumps DogPicture
Doing this hairstyle to a dog is just mean-hearted... funny... but mean-hearted 
Donkey on the BeachPicture
It is nothing bad - he's just telling it like he sees it 
Dough Boy BellyPicture
Push the little dough boys belly and see what happens 
Doughboy TickleMovie
Don't tickle the Pillsbury Doughboy too much... He might crap his pants 
Dr. Evil Bin LadenPicture
I will give myself up for one million dollars 
Dr. Suess writes about US PoliticsText
A Childrens story about Clintons affairs 
Drive Thru ATM instructionsText
Instructions for Male and for Females 
Driver's ComplaintText
A male driver complains about Women Drivers 
Driving Drunk out WestPicture
How the cowboys drive when intoxicated 
Driving Fun (3 Mb)Movie
Something fun to do while driving out in the Country 
Driving too FastPicture
How to tell when you are driving too fast 
Druglords v. ProgrammersText
Comparrison of Druglords to Computer Programmers 
Drunk Cat at PartyPicture
See what happens when you cat drinks too much and passes out 
Drunk YodaSound
Yoda gets drunk on the set and mouths off a bit 
Drunken RednecksText
Two rednecks go for a drive 
Drunken StagesText
The 5 Stages of getting drunk 
Dubya ReadsPicture
George W. Bush is hooked on Phonics 
Dubya's 2nd Term (5Mb)Flash
Jib Jab's newest video about President Bush's second term 
Dubya's Computer SkillsPicture
George Bush tries out his typing skills on the computer 
Dubya's ExpressionsPicture
Someone is making a monkey out of the President 
Duck and BlowPicture
You gotta keep those feathers dry 
Dumb LawsText
True Idiot laws of our time 
Dumb White ManText
An Indian reflects on White Man stupidity 
Dying in StyleText
A old preacher last request before he meets his Maker 
Early 90s TeenagerText
You Know you are a Teen of the Early 90s if... 
Early Warning SignPicture
Stop them while they are still young 
Easiest Quiz in the WorldText
Take this simple little quiz 
Easter BunniesPicture
Two talking chocolate bunnies 
Easter Egg ProductionPicture
How Easter Eggs are REALLY made 
Easter is CancelledPicture
Oh no, something has happened to the Easter Bunny 
Eat and Fill upPicture
You must think of the message before you design the sign 
Ed is Back (4 Mb)Movie
A movie about Ed Broadbent coming back to the NDP Political Party (Canadian) 
Effects of ViagraPicture
Drastic Effects from taking too much Viagra 
Egg Nog ConceprtionPicture
How Egg Nog came to be 
Egyptian SayingsText
An Analysis of Hyroglyphics 
Einstein QuotesText
A few thoughts from one of the world's smartest dead guys 
Elderly Couple at McDonaldsText
What love is like after 60 years of marraige 
Elderly InvitationalText
A tale from a nursing home 
Elderly LovePicture
Old, but still got that spark to their love life 
Elderly MarraigeText
An elderly couple is excited about getting married 
Elderly SpeederText
An older lady gets pulled over for speeding... 
Elect me for MayorPicture
What a great slogan for a campaign 
Election Ballot BoxPicture
Hmm... Does this describe the politician that they are voting for? 
Electronic MarriedPicture
For those types who meet over the Internet or Phone Lines 
Elevator FunText
26 things to do while riding the up and down the elevator 
Elf Pick up LinesText
Pick up lines that Elves use 
Elves LotteryPicture
What the elves did after they won the lottery 
Email CompanyPicture
Some companies need verbal communication still 
Email SoapboxFlash
A rant about spam and junk e-mail 
Email vs. a PenisText
Top 11 Reasons why Email is like a Penis 
Emergency PhonePicture
Proof that our Bureaucracy is bad 
Emergency Room HorrorPicture
This has to suck 
Emimen Drug BustPicture
Emimen is likely to get busted for smoking pot 
Emmy CommentsText
Top Ten Comments You Will Never Hear At The Emmys 
Employment SignsText
Forget Astrology, these will tell the Truth 
End of the RainbowPicture
Not quite the pot of gold, but a case of 2-4 instead 
English Language ExplainedText
A few thoughts about the English language and why it is so difficult to learn 
Ernie the HampsterText
A husbands story of his childs pet 
Eskimo Diets (2.5 Mb)Movie
Why the Inuit diet is so tasty 
Estranged License PlatePicture
The best license plate a divorcee could get for herself 
Estrogen IssuesText
Top 10 ways to know if you have Estrogen Issues 
Estrogen IssuesText
Ten ways to know if you have Estrogen Issues 
Eubonic Windows 98Text
A different copy of Windows 
A standardization of European Union Dialect 
European TerroristText
All the threats to security have got some European Nations up in arms 
Ever Had to Call in SickText
A Humourous Story about a day off work 
Ever Wondered aboutText
A few inquires into why things are as they are 
Everyday MathText
How mathematics helps you in everyday life 
Everything is RelativePicture
Look what happens to the Turtoise 
Evolution of a ProgrammerText
The various stages from beginner to webmaster 
Evolution of Man and WomanPicture
(If you beleive in Evolution) Various stages of Evolution 
Evolution of Math TeachingText
Math as it progressed through 1960-1990 
To Exercise, or not to Exercise 
Exhibitionist Snow PeoplePicture
These snow couple have no shame 
Extreme ConfidencePicture
Talk about guts 
Facts about SantaText
Scientific Facts about Santa. Do not show kids 
Failed Hallmark CardsText
Rejects that just did not make it 
Failed Hallmark CardsPicture
Cards for that special someone that you will never see in stores 
Failed Kids BooksText
Little Children's Books that never got published 
Failed Nursury RhymesText
Mother Goose would be shocked by these 
Fairy of JoyPicture
The Fairy of Joy brings happiness to those she visits 
False AdvertisingPicture
You won't see billboards like these 
False BillboardsPicture
Billboards you likely won't find along any roadsite 
Family Tech SupportPicture
A son tries to help his parents fix their computer 
Family Zoo TripPicture
I bet this kid whined and cried until he got to feed the racoons 
Famous QuotesPicture
These people are a bit out in left field 
Famous TestiesPicture
Various Peoples Testies 
Farmer Joe's InjuriesText
A farmer gets in an accident and sues for injuries 
Farming out the WorkText
A farmer visits another farmer to discuss their son and daughters discretions 
Fat ElvisPicture
A Halloween Costume gone bad 
Fed U.P.exPicture
I guess neither delivered their mail in time today 
Female QuotesText
Great quotes by great ladies in history 
Ferrari SpottingPicture
A son spots a Ferrari on the road and points it out to his father 
Fictional BillboardsPicture
Billboards you will never see while driving down the highway 
Final SolutionPicture
Microsofts Business Practices 
Finding Inner PeaceText
What one person did to find inner peace 
Fire Fighters FamilyPicture
A Chief is quoted about how him and the other fire fighters are like family. 
Fire Hazard SignPicture
A sign tells of the dry conditions in a northern British Columbia forest 
Fire RescueText
Another Blonde joke 
Fired from PepsiPicture
An employee is terminated from Pepsi due to Drug Use 
Firming UpText
A small joke about letting yourself go 
Florida BallotPicture
The Infamous Florida Election Ballot 
Florida BillboardPicture
Seen on the Florida Highway, an interesting advertisement 
Fly StoryText
I think there is a moral here 
Foreign SignsText
Signs seen around the world 
Forever RivalsPicture
The difference between a Toronto Maple Leafs fan and Montreal Canadiens fan 
Formal Duct TapePicture
A great use for Duct Tape 
Forwarding Pet PeevesText
My Pet Peeves about Forwards 
Friendship ForeverPicture
What friendship is all about... 
Friendship is...Picture
A good friend will laugh and cry with you 
Friendship PoemText
Not one of those usual sappy poems about friends 
Friendship PrayerPicture
A little prayer to encourage you through the day 
Friendship ThingsPicture
Things that best friends do together... 
Osama's trying to meet people online. Check out his bio 
Frodo has FailedPicture
Looks like Frodo didn't complete his quest in Lord of the Rings 
Frog StoryText
A groaner of a frog story 
Frozen PipesPicture
Another priceless joke - this one about cold winter weather 
Fruit Loop FeedPicture
Trix are for kids, and Fruit loops are NOT for... 
Fruitcake RecipeText
A recipe for everyones favourite holiday snake 
Fuel PricesPicture
Comic about high gas prices 
Fuel Prices IIPicture
More comics about rising gas prices 
Fun at WalmartText
What to do when at Walmart 
Funny Cats (3 Mb)Movie
Hillarious Video of different things that cats have done 
Funny Pet PicturesPicture
Some cute pictures of cats and dogs 
Gas Price CartoonsPicture
More comics about high gas prices 
Gas PricesPicture
Think the prices of gas are high? 
Gender SwitchesText
See a box with switches for both Male and Female 
Genesis - the DOS versionText
Creation told via a computer 
Geometry JokesText
Math jokes for the Geeks-at-heart 
George for DummiesPicture
A book to help out the President 
George Bush shows his geography skills 
German PopePicture
Things have changed at the Vatican since Pope Benedict took over 
Getting over a RelationshipPicture
Something to help you feel better 
Getting pulled overText
Top 10 things not to say to a Police Officer 
Ghetto LifePicture
Pictures taken from the Ghetto 
Ghostly VW ad (3.5 Mb)Movie
An advertisement that never got aired because of something eerie in the film 
GI InsuranceText
An Insurance sales person has a high success rate of selling insurance to soldiers 
Giddy UpText
A blonde tries horseback riding 
GingerBread ManPicture
So that's why this gingerbread man is smiling 
Girl DriversPicture
Perhaps the stereotype fits better than first thought 
Girlfriend O/SText
Find out what happens when a Guy puts in various Operating Systems 
Gladiator Wrestling RulesPicture
No holds barred wrestling still means fighting with honour 
Globalization DefinitionText
What is the truest definition of Globalization? 
GM vs. MicrosoftText
What happens if GM and Microsoft switch jobs 
God v. Henry FordText
A story of Henry Fords time in Heaven 
God's BalanceText
Finally a joke that explains what it's like to be Canadian 
God's childrenText
A transcript of God raising Adam and Eve 
God's DietText
And God created food... 
Gods BillboardPicture
What God might advertise on a Billboard 
Gods CreationText
A story of how God created the World 
Gods Creation VIA a computerText
Another story of how God created the World 
Golden TelephoneText
A writer researches churches in North America 
Goldfish DiarreaPicture
How to tell when your Pet Fish isn't feeling too well 
Golf AssociationPicture
A husband can relate to his pregnant wife 
Golf Ball CollectionPicture
What happens to people who illegally collect golf balls 
Golf HolesPicture
The 19th Hole 
Golf MisquotesText
Top 10 things said on the golf course that sound dirty 
Gonna be a BearPicture
A women decides that in the next life, she wants to be a bear 
Good Luck, Mister GorskyText
Neil Armstrong explains the words he said on the moon 
Goodwill GivingPicture
Remember to give your old clothes to Goodwill and help those less fortunate 
Got to GoPicture
When you have to go, you have to go 
Got your head up yur...Picture
Hey you! Can't your hear me? Do you have your head up your.... 
Gotta love the MarinesText
A general is inteviewed by a female reporter 
Granny's AngelsPicture
A new biker gang has started 
Green Beer and HamPicture
Do you like Green Beer and Ham -- by Dr. Sloshed 
Grinch TestText
A quick test to see if you're a Grinch at Christmas time 
Sad, sad one-liner jokes 
Gump in HeavenText
Forrest dies and has to pass the test to get into Heaven 
Guns R UsPicture
Have a close look at what other service this store provides 
Gurl and Guy EnglishText
Translation of the gender lexicon for all those perplexed opposite sex people out there 
Guy MemoPicture
Why men shouldn't take important messages 
Guy RulesText
Rules that Guys wish Girls knew... 
Guys Wanna Say ItText
What guys really want to say, but don't 
Halloween Costume Mix-upPicture
Dogs do not know it is halloween 
Halloween DrunkPicture
I think this witch had one too many! 
Halloween FlashersPicture
Some people are very creative with their pumpkins 
Halloween MoonPicture
It is a full moon tonight 
Halloween RulesText
General rules about halloween that I learned for movies and scary stories 
Hand me the Hair DryerPicture
A wife asks her husband to help her get ready in the morning 
Hand ViolationPicture
This soccer player should be called for using his hands 
Hands Free Cell Phone AdapterPicture
A genius little device that works on all Cell Phones 
Hanging Christmas LightsPicture
This guy would make the Grizwards very proud 
Happiest Moment EverPicture
The Happiest moment in a baby's life 
Happy John's VeggiesPicture
Perhaps this vendor needs to change his sign 
Happy to See YouPicture
Yes. I am happy to see you. 
Hard TimesPicture
You know you've fallen on hard times when you are re-using things over and over again to save money 
Hare ProductsText
The Easter Bunny is hit by a car 
Have I upset you?Picture
A husband is able to get this hint 
Have some funText
Try to have a little fun each day... 
Having a Bad Day (426kb)Movie
This guy is having a tough day with his computer 
Having a Bad Day?Text
And you thought your day was bad... 
Hazardous WomenPicture
A warning sign about Women 
Hear Your HeartPicture
An elderly gentleman visits teh Doctor 
Hearing ProblemsText
An elderly gentleman gets his hearing checked 
Heaven's New PolicyText
In order to keep Heaven from getting too crowded, God creates a new policy 
Help from PrisonText
A son helps his father from prison 
Help Wanted AdPicture
Talk about the perfect employee for the job 
Helpful Fan (2.5 Mb)Movie
A young fan helps a soccer player win the game 
Helpful HusbandText
A husband tries his best to help his wife at Lamaze class 
Helping HandPicture
A teammate lends a hand 
Hershey KissText
A text picture of a Hershey Kiss 
Hic LingoText
Jokes and phrases about hics and rednecks 
A new language to rivel Eubonics 
High School AnalogiesText
Actual Analogies and Metaphors Found in High School Essays 
High Stakes Card GameText
A few friends get together to play some cards 
Hindu Toilet SeatPicture
That has got to be a pain in the... 
His and Her MotorbikesPicture
A motorbike design for him, and one for her 
Hitchhiker SignPicture
A sign outside of a Prison 
Hitz FM VanPicture
Be careful how you detail your Radio Station's Van 
Hockey Game PricelessPicture
A photo in Sport Illustrated can be embarrassing 
Hockey StreakPicture
This guy isn't on a winning streak 
Hockey TrainrideText
Another Canada versus America Saga 
Holiday DietingText
A chart to keep unwanted pounds off 
Holiday Eating TipsText
10 Tips about Christmas Dinner and what to eat and avoid 
Hollywood 2037Picture
What Hollywood stars will look like in the future 
Holy EmailText
God decides to check up on the Earth to see how things are going 
Home Alone 3Picture
Looks like Macauley is gearing up for another movie with a new co-star 
Home RemediesText
Some 'useful' tips to help you with problems around the house 
Home RemediesText
Unorthodox tips and tricks for around the home 
Homeless BBQPicture
The multi-purpose shopping cart. A transporter of plastic bags and grill for cooking 
Honey, I'm HomePicture
A bull comes home to find his spouse is having an affair 
Hospital InspectionText
A weathly Hospital Benefactor visits the local hospital 
Hot Air BalloonText
A conversation to figure out a balloonists location 
Hot DogPicture
Mmm.... Dinner... (Perhaps a Chinese Hotdog?) 
Hot TubbingPicture
A baby warms up to the hottub 
Hottub DisturbancePicture
What not to do on your Honeymoon 
How Rumours StartPicture
How Office Rumours Start 
How to Annoy PeopleText
10 suggestions to annoy people 
How to Annoy your RoommateText
Over 150 ways to Annoy your Roommate! 
How to Rob a SnowmanPicture
Simple way to Rob a Snowman 
How to ShowerText
How men and Women shower 
How To Speak SouthernText
Redneck and Southern Translation for the rest o' us 
How's yur day going?Text
Think you are having a bad day, some people have had it worse 
How's yur Driving?Picture
A Sign out from the Driving Exam Centre 
Hows your Job?Picture
Photos of jobs that you really do not want 
Hurricane WilmaPicture
Who was really behind the Hurricane that hit Florida 
Husband of the YearPicture
Contestants for the Husband of the Year award 
Husband ShoppingText
Imagine if you could go and pick our your husband from a department store 
Hypnotist's BlunderText
The hynotist has some problems with his watch 
I am Canadian RantText
The true rant about being a canadian 
I am not CanadianText
Variations of Molsons Beer commercial 
I like monkeysText
A story about a pet lover 
I said SOTP!Picture
When I say SOTP, you better SOTP! 
Ice Cream Cone ProductionPicture
So that's how Ice Cream Cones are made -- definately explains chocolate! 
Ice Cube MakerPicture
How Ice Cubes are really made 
ID ten T ErrorText
A computer repair guy fixes a computer and gives the error code 
Identifying DriversText
How to tell where a Car Driver is from 
Ideological ToysText
Beliefs and Thought according to Toys 
Idiots Among UsText
We are Surrounded by Idiots 
Idiots, Idiots, IdiotsText
Proof that the World is full of Idiots 
If Iraq won...Picture
What if Iraq had won the war 
If Obama is Elected PresidentPicture
What would Washington become if Obama gets elected president? 
Igloo BuildingPicture
So thats how they build igloos! 
How to impress the opposite sex 
Increased Work ProductionPicture
Managers are always increasing Employee Productivity with new Ideas to save time 
Inebriated ConversationText
Things that are difficult to pronouce when drunk 
Inept Police ForcePicture
How to tell when your local police force needs more training 
Inspiring Cubicle PostersText
Posters and sayings for your office cell (aka. cubicle) 
Instructions for LifeText
44 little ideas for living a good life 
Insurance ClaimsPicture
Various types of insurance claims that have been filed 
Interesting FactsText
Useless, but interesting facts! 
Interesting Road SignsPicture
Some road signs that you might see on the side of the highway 
Internet Porn ProtestPicture
Thats one way to make a statement 
Internet RealitiesPicture
Truths about the Internet and Chatlines 
Invitation to DinnerText
A story about a guys invitation to dinner 
Iraqi ResistancePicture
The underground resistance movement in Iraqi is alive and well 
Irish JokesText
A few jokes for St Patricks Day 
Irish Jokes - Part IIText
More Jokes about those sober Irish people 
Is Santa a WomenText
Reasons why Santa could be a women 
Island Help!Picture
You've been around your computer too much when... 
ISP BlackoutText
Top 10 things to do when your ISP goes down 
It finally happenedPicture
All those things must have happened and come true for this to happen 
It is time to turn off your computer when...Text
Turn off the computer and read a book 
It's a (Redneck) LivingPicture
How to spot those Rednecks Among Us 
It's a Small WorldPicture
Taken on the ride at Walt Disney World, I'm not sure what these two Koalas are up to 
Italian DreamPicture
What Italians all dream about 
Its a boy!Picture
How nurses using Ultrasound determine the sex of baby 
Jacko AdsPicture
Michael Jackson has some new ads out for tshirts and television programs 
Jackson's TV ShowPicture
Micheal Jackson is the star of a new reality TV show 
Japanese WaterparkPicture
Everybody in the Pool! 
Jedi RednecksText
You might be a Jedi Redneck if... 
Jerk PenguinPicture
Just like humans, some penguins are just jerks 
Jerry Sticker ShowPicture
Sad take off of Jerry Springer 
Johnny's Little StoryText
There's a moral to this story... 
Jumping TurtlesText
Why a turtle is jumping from a tree 
Jurrasic Fart (1Mb)Movie
How the Dinosaurs really became Ex-stink 
Just FredText
A guy who is just named Fred... No last name 
Keeping Your SanityText
19 Ways to releive Stress 
Kenny The RoosterText
This rooster is good at what he does 
Kermit's Visit to DoctorPicture
Kermit the Frog receives some bad news from the Doctor 
Kermit's XrayPicture
Kermit visits the Doctor to find out some shocking results 
Kids AdviceText
Kids advice to other people 
Kids and GodText
Funny stories about children's conceptions of our Creator 
Kids and MarriageText
Whats kids think about marriage 
Kids CommentsText
Various comments children have made 
Kids FunPicture
Photos of Curious and Fun Kids 
Kids in ChurchText
Humourous stories of kids attending church 
Kids tell all...Text
Kids answers to questions on dating and relationships 
Kids Thoughts about GodText
What kids have said -- and mixed up -- from Sunday school 
Killsbury Dough BoyPicture
This guy has an attitude 
Kit-Kat BreakPicture
Have a Break, have a Kit Kat 
Kitty AwardsPicture
The National Cat Society gives out its lifetime acheivement award 
Kitty QuestionPicture
What happens when you have the following things... 
Kitty Road RagePicture
What might happen if cats start to drive 
Kitty RulesText
Rules for Cats to live by 
Krung Thai Murder (3mb)Movie
A wife comes home to a gruesome scene 
Laden's Hiding PlacePicture
Intelligence has found Bin Laden hideout 
Ladies vs. Real WomenText
Comparrison of ladies to the real women of the world 
Last Supper OrderPicture
The waiter at our Lord's last supper asks Jesus about the dinner 
Late HusbandPicture
How a wife determines the punishment for coming home late 
Late Night DiaryText
A young lover writes in their diary after a late night visitor leaves them breathless 
Latenight Iraq JokesText
Various jokes made by Letterman, Kilborn, Leno and O'Brien. 
Law Firm MisquotesText
Top 10 things said in a Law Firm that sound dirty 
Lawyer JokesText
I might be biased, but I do not think this is very funny! 
Lawyers get DoubleText
A man finds a lamp, and gets to make wishes - but with a twist 
Learning EnglishPicture
Why it is important to learn English 
Learning from CowsText
Everything I learned about Life, I learned from Cows 
Learning from NoahText
All I learned about life, I learned from Noah 
Learning from the MoviesText
Things you would never know without the movies 
Legalized in IdahoPicture
Though it is still illegal, this store is selling it 
Lego JunkiesPicture
Where do people come up with these ideas? 
Lemmas, Laws and PrinciplesText
Various laws, quotes, sayings and ideas said throughout the ages 
Leroy's Santa LetterText
Little Leroy writes a letter to Santa 
Lesser-Known Programming LanguagesText
A description of the other computer languages that didn't catch on 
Letter to the BankText
An irate Customer writes a letter about his new services 
Letters to GodText
Children Write Letters to God 
Lewinskys New BookText
Possible titles for Monicas book 
Liberal 12 Days of ChristmasText
It seems as though Paul Martin's spending limits are not confined only to government 
Liberal Party PrayerText
Now I lay me down to sleep, pray the government my taxes to keep... 
Life SecretsPicture
Secrets to live a happy life 
Little FunniesText
Little funnies about things that kids say and the innocence of youth 
Little Johnnys FatherText
A nice little Civil Service Joke 
Living Room ExercisePicture
A way to stay fit 
Living without EmailText
A man's life without Email 
Locker Room ConversationText
A wife calls into the male locker room to confirm some purchases with her hubby 
London Fights BackPicture
Even the Queen is in on the War on Terror 
Long College LifeText
You know you've been in college too long when 
Looking ImportantText
A businessman starts off in the real world 
Loose LoadText
A trucker is loosing part of his load 
Lost in TranslationPicture
Something got lost in the translation of these two signs 
Love/Hate PoetryText
Poetry that has a romantic first line and un-romantic second line 
Lucky FrogText
A golfer stumbles across a lucky frog 
Made for Canada (2.5 Mb)Movie
Jeep Commercial for a car made perfectly for Canadian Winters 
Made with LoveText
A wife makes cookies for her dying husband 
Magic FrogText
Magical Frogs can help where doctors cannot 
Making up WordsPicture
A radio station holds a contest for non-dictionary words 
Male /Female BrainsPicture
Two pictures outlining differences of the sexes brains 
Male /Female DictionaryText
These Definitions will help us understand the sexes better 
Male Birth ControlPicture
This would be very effective 
Male Blond JokeText
It took a while to come, but here is the first Male Blonde Joke 
Male Blonde JokeText
At last, a male blonde joke! 
Male Code of ConductText
This code is bond between males 
Male Dressing RitualPicture
A flowchart that every guy follows when getting dressed 
Male JokesText
Time to Pick on Men 
Male LogicText
A story of a man seeking custody of his child 
Male TranslationText
What Men Actually Mean 
Man CrapPicture
A classified ad placed by the wife 
Man's Knowledge of WomenText
Top 10 things that men understand about women 
Management ProgramsText
New Programs offered to motivate employees 
Manly DangerPicture
Can you tell whether this guy is left handed or right handed? 
Mans RemotePicture
Ideal Remote for any Man 
Maple Leafs MoviePicture
Disney makes a re-mix of Shrek in honour of the Maple Leafs 
Marital ProblemsPicture
Just admit you are wrong, and move on 
Marriage ExpirationPicture
Is there such a life-saving device 
Marriage QuotesText
Some sayings and quotes about tying the knot 
Marriage Quotes IIText
Some more quotes and saying about tying the knot 
Marry which one?Text
A man gives three women a test to decide which one to marry 
Mars and VenusText
One man's quest to illustrate the difference between the sexes 
Martha Stewart's wayText
Martha Stewart's way vs. My way 
Martha's New HomePicture
Martha Stewart decorates her new home -- and that's a good thing 
Math JokesText
Some jokes about Mathematics and Science 
Mathematical HumourText
You have to really be a math genius to understand these 
Maxine... on LifePicture
Various Maxine comics strips on marriage, eating, friends and life 
Mc IraqPicture
Now that Saddam has been ousted, american businesses can move in 
What Afghanistan will look like after America leaves 
Ronald gets arrested in the Park 
McDonald's ChickenPicture
Mmmm... Chicken Nuggets 
McDonalds FoodPicture
Is this fast food or fat food? 
Medical LessonsText
Two important lessons for any pre-med student to learn 
Mega Flicks SignPicture
When designing a logo, consider the font style 
Melting SnowmanPicture
Takes alot of Yellow snow to make this happen 
Memorable QuotesText
Quotes from Famouse People and Comedies 
Men and Women ValueText
The value of men and women to the world 
Men are Like...Text
Comparison of men for various things... 
Men at WorkPicture
Some construction humour 
Men VacuumingPicture
What happens when a man vacuums the house 
Men's ThesaurusText
What men say, and what it means 
A Women's Rant about Men 
Mencken's LawsText
Some humourous observances with a dash of truth 
Mens Room Help (650kb)Movie
Maybe guys should start going to the washroom in pairs 
Mental Health Voice MailText
Transcript at a Mental Health Institute 
Mental HospitalText
Two mental patients' story while committed to the asylum 
Mentally UnbalancedPicture
A little quote about you and your friends mental condition 
Michael Jackson strikes againPicture
Michael Jackson is up to his old tricks (but a girl this time?) 
Micheal Jackson's New SurguryPicture
Micheal Jackson's solution to get people to stop looking at his nose job 
Mickey Rooney's MarriagesText
Quotes from Mickey Rooney on his Relationships 
I wish I could wipe my butt with this 
Military Budget CutsPicture
Does this reduce our Military preparedness? 
Military Budget Cuts IIPicture
The Navy has been hit hard by fiscal downsizing 
Ministry of EducationPicture
Questions asked on the Ministry of Education (Ireland) entrance exam 
Miracle of BirthText
A young child witnesses the miracle of birth during a power outage 
Misc JokesText
Misc Jokes 
Missing ElfPicture
Santa is missing an elf 
Mission: Buy ShoesPicture
How Girls and Guys buy shoes at the Gap 
Missionary TeachingsText
A missionary teaches a tribal chief the basics of the english language 
Mistaken IdentityText
An English bloke thinks he recognizes someone in the super market 
Models without Make-upPicture
What celebrities are like the other 23 hours of the day 
Mom's LessonsText
Things only a mother can teach 
What money cannot buy 
Monica's Dream TeamPicture
The Utlimate Soccer Team for Miss Lewinsky 
Moods of the SexesText
Two poems about the moods of women and men 
Moon RedneckPicture
What the lunar rover would look like if rednecks were on the room 
Mooning WarsPicture
(I don't need to explain this) 
Morals, as told by a child is school 
Morbid Cruiseship StoryText
A cast-away story 
More Hymns or More Choruses?Text
A fun take on the never-ending debate of hymns or choruses... 
Mouse BallsText
Office Memo about Computer Mouses (Mice) 
Moving the CarText
A couple from Fargo need to move their car for the snow plows 
Mrs. Jones TestimonyText
An elderly woman is called to testify at a court hearing 
MS FlightText
Microsoft's great new feature on XP Windows 
MS Word AssistantPicture
The Paperclip Guy helps out in all sorts of Situations 
MS Word for BlondesPicture
A simplistic solution for those blondes who have problems with technology 
Would you invest in this group? 
MSN Status ExplainedText
What it really means when you see someone's online status on MSN 
Murphys Laws of CombatText
Murphy has some things to say about War and the Army too 
My ChildrenText
Things I learned from my children 
My Trini FriendText
What my friend from Trinidad would do 
Two nails wonder where their friend went to 
National Condom WeekText
Possible Slogans for National Condom Week 
National Slap Co-worker Day (500Kb)Movie
Promo video for National Slap your Co-worker Day 
Nationality of JesusText
Scholars debate Jesus's Origin 
NBA Lockout StrikeText
Let us not forget those on strike 
Near Sighted KidPicture
Who Brought The Near Sighted Kid To The Pool? 
Near Sighted Kid (1 Mb)Movie
How to tell when a child is near sighted 
Need a pushText
A Drunk has car troubles? 
Nerd SeasonText
Hunting Geeks and Nerds 
Never Give UpPicture
A little encouragement poster for when things aren't going your way 
Never having KidsPicture
Two girls discuss the cons of having a kid when they are older 
New Barbie DollsText
Mattel recently announced the release of Limited-Edition Barbie dolls for the new Hamilton Wentworth market 
New Crayon ColoursPicture
Marketing these crayons might be tough 
New Drugs for MenText
Viagra did so well, how about these? 
New Income Tax FormPicture
Revenue Canada creates a new simplified way to pay taxes 
New MathText
Some interesting ways to look at math numbers and measurement 
New Movie PostersPicture
New Movies made after World Trade Disaster 
New Reality TV ShowsPicture
Possible upcoming reality-show based tv shows 
New SlippersPicture
A new kind of slippers have come onto the market. Cheap and soft. 
New State MottosText
A recent contest held in the United States for State Mottos 
New USA MapPicture
After the 2004 Presidential Election, the boundries were re-drawn 
New Viruses you should know aboutText
Computer viruses that are not the normal type 
New WordsText
Remove or Change one letter from a word to make a new word and supply a definition 
Newfie LobstersText
Aye, day be catching illegul lobsters 
Newfie Terrorist AttackPicture
NewFoundLanders attack Ontario 
Newspaper AdsPicture
Funny classified ads and headlines from newspapers 
Nice Kitty... (2 Mb)Movie
Pinkey the Cat is up for adoption... Wouldn't you like this adorable little cat? 
Nice little Kitty?Picture
What happens when you feed your cat cheap cat food 
Ninja CatsPicture
It is cute but not very funny 
Nissan Pathfinder BillboardPicture
A unique marketing strategy for Nissans Vehicle 
No Halloween CandyPicture
How you know when you aren't getting candy at a house 
No HospitalsPicture
This town might want to think about getting a hospital 
No ParkingPicture
This BMW Driver did not Read the Sign 
No Pets Allowed (2 Mb)Movie
A guy wants a beer, but no pets are allowed in the bar 
Noah in the MillineumText
Noah has to build an Ark again 
Noah's WoodpeckerPicture
Noah is having a little problem with this animal 
Non Dictionary WordsText
Ten words that should be in the dictionary 
Not My JobPicture
Our Government Roads Department at Work 
Not-for-Children's StoriesPicture
Stories and books that aren't for Children 
NYC - Taliban StylePicture
What New York City might look like if the Taliban wins 
Obnoxious Bus PassengerText
An obnoxious and rude bus passenger gets arrested for laughing at a pregnant lady 
Ode to Computer UsersText
A poem for people over 30 years old 
Office BlondePicture
How a Blonde copies a Computer Document 
Office Check-upPicture
A boss checks in on his employee 
Office DiscriminationPicture
Some times you can't win either way 
Office HumourText
If you work in an office environment, you'll find these funny 
Office MemosText
Submissions of comments, notices, and statements coming out of different companies 
Office MisquotesText
Top 10 things said in the office that sound dirty 
Office SpellcheckerPicture
Microsoft Office has a unique spellchecking feature on it 
Office VacationsPicture
What co-workers do to their collegues' cubicles while on vacation 
Oh crapPicture
There are times when you know that the situation is not going to turn out well 
Oil Change InstructionsText
How men and women change the oil in a car 
Oil ShortageText
Getting to the bottom of oil shortages and high gas prices 
Old Enough to FightText
A 50 year old guy tells why old people should fight instead of teenagers 
Old EyesPicture
The eyes are the first to go when you get older 
Old Farmer TrickText
How a farmer gets an ox's eyes un-crossed 
Old Iraqi Voting BallotPicture
Oh, the memories of when Saddam was in power 
Old is when...Text
Do you feel like your getting older 
Old Ladies in ChurchPicture
Two elderly ladies are chit-chatting during the church service 
Old Man and the Rocking ChairText
A story about why an elderly gentleman is rocking away 
Old RoadsText
Back in the day when roads were dirt and gravel, life was simpler 
Old TimersText
Don't mess with OLD farts 
On topPicture
Kids can be so naive 
Once in a LifetimePicture
Sights you probably will only see once in your life 
One day at a timePicture
This guy tries to take one day at a time 
One LinersText
Possible One Liners - for those awkward moments 
Only in America...Text
Insights into American Culture 
Only in CanadaText
We need a bit of national pride! 
Only in CanadaText
A little story about a Canadian in a Local Bar 
Ontario ResidencyText
You know you are from Ontario when... 
Have you ever spoken and wished that you could immediately take the words... 
Open Letter to the FAAText
A writer has a way to prevent Hijackings 
Opening a Chequing AccountText
A guy trys to open a bank account 
Opera BabyFlash
A little baby sings a song about his childhood 
Optical IllusionsPicture
Some little pictures to fool your brain 
Optical Illusions IIPicture
More eye/brain teasers 
Osama Bean LandenPicture
Americas Public Enemy Number One 
Osama Bin ShavenPicture
What happens if we shave his beard 
Osama's Cave MemoText
Osama sends a Memo to his staff 
Osama, come and playPicture
Why won't he come out of his cave and play 
Ottawa RepairsText
Contractors are bidding on repairing Canada's parliament buildings 
Our Perfect English LanguageText
Why is English so difficult to Learn? 
Our ResignationText
What happens when the office won the Lottery 
Out of Office RepliesText
When setting up your outlook email out-of-office, try some of these responses 
Overclocking SolutionPicture
How to keep your processor cool 
Overheard in the ClinicText
A large gentlemen takes a trip to the waiting room and replies quickly to the rude receptionist 
Top 50 Oxymorons 
Painted FloorPicture
At least, one does not have to worry about their aim 
Paperless ToiletPicture
The new paperless toilet -- installed in all executive washrooms 
Parachute AccidentPicture
Just watch the animation, you'll figure it out 
Parenting TestText
To all of you that are trying to have children, good luck 
Pass with CarePicture
A road warning sign 
Pastoral NervousnessText
Find out how Pastors calm thier pulpit fright 
Patience of a TeacherText
Even teachers have their limits for the patience 
Pavement DrawingsPicture
Various chalk drawings made on the city sidewalks 
Peanuts ReunionText
What happens if Charlie Brown had aged 
Pen Potty TrainingPicture
A little mishap for this inKfant 
Pencil DivorcePicture
A glimpse into the life of a married pencil couple 
Pencil ViolencePicture
Perhaps the pencil is mightier than the pen? 
Penguin GutsPicture
This guy has lots of courage to do this 
Penis TaxText
The Government is thinking about a new tax 
Pentagon JanitorPicture
It's 1:47 a.m., and she's got the windex 
Perfect for the JobText
What profession are you good at? 
Perfect JobText
What's the perfect job for you? 
Perfect Welfare StoryText
These welfare social workers are a smart bunch 
Perking UpText
A women slips viagra into her husband's coffee to get things start 
Pet DiariesText
Excerpts from a dogs and cats diaries 
Pet Security (1 Mb)Movie
A Dog and Cat are left alone when burgars break into their owner's house 
Pharmacy QuestionPicture
I wonder how often Pharmacist are asked this question 
Pick Up Line ReplysText
Witty Comebacks to Pick up lines 
Pick up linesText
Out of material? Try these! 
Pick up Lines IIText
Some more dating pick-up lines 
Picking on MenText
A few male-bashing jokes for all the women out there 
Picking up ChicksPicture
See how the professional does it 
Pig IntroductionText
An austrailian introduces his pig to his girlfriend 
Pillsbury Dough ManPicture
What happens when the guy bends over 
Pillsbury EulogyText
Our favourite dough man has past on 
Pin-up RealityPicture
The truth behind the beautiful pin-up girls 
Plastic Surgury ExamplePicture
When you don't know how to describe exactly what you want 
Plumbing TruckPicture
This guy must be always on the runs 
PMS DefinitionsText
Top 13 Things that PMS Stands For 
PMS LightbulbText
How many women does it take... 
Points for MenText
A point system for dating and relationships 
Poland InvasionPicture
How the Germans invaded Poland in 1938 
Polish Computer VirusText
Beware of the Polish 
Polish Eye ExamText
A trip to the polish eye doctor 
Political MemoriesPicture
Ahh, the photo memories from the gulf war 
Political Party SuggestionsText
10 Suggestions for new Political Parties 
Politically Correct StatementsText
Some phrases that you should use to not offend people??? 
Pondering ExerciseText
Some sayings about exercising 
Poop HappensText
Story of how a good idea is born 
Popular MuleText
A mule causes a death in the family... 
Porcupine FluPicture
What happens when a porcupine sneezes 
Porsche PurchaseText
A teenager somehow purchases a Porsche from a neighbour 
Portrait IllusionsPicture
An interest portrait that has an optical illusion 
Postcard from BarriePicture
A post card from Canada's pot capital 
Prayer of the SexesText
The Lord's Prayer by Men and Women 
Prayers of the SexesText
A girl and guy pray to the Lord for that special someone 
Pre-College KnowledgeText
Things I wish I knew before going to college 
Preacher's PayText
A pastor's expanding family requires him to see a raise 
Pregnancy Q & AText
Funny answers to Pregnacy Questions 
Presidential PotatoesPicture
Some Scandal is brewing in the Mr. Potatoe-head Oval Office 
Priceless AdsPicture
A few more of those priceless-theme advertisemnt 
Priceless Super HerosPicture
Another Mastercard Priceless advertisement take-off 
Prison Road SignPicture
A prison road sign notifies passing motorists to not pick up inmates (alive?) 
Produce BoyText
This guy is a pretty quick thinker 
Promises, PromisesPicture
Its Jean Chretian! Groooovy! 
Proof of Creation (1mb)Movie
This monkey is proof that Darwin's theory could not be true 
Proof of GodText
Story about Science proving Gods exists 
Proof that Girls are EvilPicture
Math solves all of lifes puzzles! 
Proud of my SonText
A few fathers brag about their son's successful lives 
Proud to be Canadian?Picture
Canada... The big world super power... 
Psycho-Analyze YourselfText
A little test to dive into your psyche 
Put Pork on your ForkPicture
Pork. The other white meat 
Putting her Coat OnPicture
This guy is such a gentleman -- helping her put on her coat 
Have you ever thought about these? 
Quotable QuotesText
Some of the usual quotes, with some added realism to them 
Rabbis AdviceText
A Rabbi offers some marriage advice 
Rabbit Easter EggsPicture
Just like Cadburys 
Railroad TracksText
Ever wondered why Railroad tracks are the way they are 
Raising Blood PressureText
A 50 year old women goes for her yearly physical and gets a surprise 
Random ThoughtsText
Some interesting thoughts about life to ponder in your spare time 
Rap WizardPicture
A computer program helps you create your own Rap Album 
Re-arranging lettersText
What happens when you scramble and rearrange the letters in words 
Re-State of the Union (7 Mb)Movie
George Bushes 2003 State of the Union address -- edited for clarity 
Real Life IdiotsText
Stories from all walks of life 
Real Mars PhotoPicture
What NASA doesn't want you to see about the recent Mars Exploration 
Real or Fake SnowPicture
Snowmen debate whether these things are real or fake 
Reason for Break-upPicture
A guy explains why he broke up with her 
Reckless DrivingText
An officer pulls over a driver after swerving for a box on the road 
Redneck DogsPicture
Your dog might be a redneck if... 
Redneck Family TreeText
This is tricky, try to keep up 
Redneck Medical TermsText
Medical Lingo for Cletus and friends... 
Redneck PacifierPicture
A redneck baby sucks on his pacifier 
Redneck PoemText
Poetry about a redneck's decision on who to marry 
Redneck PrioritiesPicture
Well, at least this vehicle isn't on cement blocks 
Redneck Sex TestText
A simple test for the hics out dar 
Refuting Peace ActivistsText
What to do when at a Peace Rally 
Reindeer DistractionPicture
Maybe some blinders will help Rudolf keep his eyes on the road 
Religious BrasText
What Religion is your Bra? 
Remember Family OutingsPicture
Do you long for those olden days where you take the wife and mother-in-law out for that Sunday drive in the country 
Remember Psalm 129Text
A Priest and a Nun in a Car 
Research FundingPicture
A scientist needs to raise some cash for research 
Restroom GolfingText
How restrooms and golfing have similar rules 
Return of the Jedi OuttakesPicture
Never before seen outtakes from the set of Return of the Jedi 
Revenue Canada WorkersText
RCMP is trying to track down these workers 
Rice Paddy WaterskiingPicture
Without a motor boat? Not a problem 
Riding BarebackText
Story about Native Americans picking up hitchhikers 
Right Brain TestPicture
Can you find the man within 3 seconds? 
RIP Maple LeafsText
My tribute to the Leafs Playoff Run 
Road Sign StoryPicture
Road Signs you havent seen before 
Road Sign Story 2Picture
Another story using road signs 
Robins in the SunText
Two birds enjoy all of life's gluttany 
Robot BartenderText
A new technology allows for great conversation in the bar 
Robs Bad Day at WorkText
A deep sea diver writes about his bad day 
Roll up the RimPicture
The truth about Canada's favourite Contest 
Roll up the RimPicture
Congrats! You win a prize?!? 
Rolling UrinalPicture
If Mick Jagger had a urinal, it might look like this 
Romanian ImagesPicture
Pictures from life in Romania 
Ronald McLesterPicture
No wonder why this clown has a smile on his face 
Routine Traffic StopText
A Police Officer pulls over a married couple 
Rude Morning HumourText
Tasteless Jokes 
Rudolf's PatiencePicture
This reindeer's patience is close to ending 
Rudolfs RevengePicture
Rudolf didnt count to 10... 
Rules of the AirText
Pilot's rules for Flying 
Saddams NoteText
Saddam sends a note to George Bush 
Safe ComputingPicture
How to stop computer viruses (viri?) from affecting your computer 
Safety at WorkPicture
Even if they wear their hard hats and protective gear, it wouldn't help these workers 
Santa gives upPicture
I guess Santa has had enough of the cold winter weather 
Santa Hunting SeasonPicture
It's open season at the North Pole 
Santa UnpluggedPicture
Little Timmy finds out what the real Santa is like 
Santa's Dry CleaningPicture
Santa isn't happy with this house 
Santa's OppositePicture
As Santa comes, this guy goes 
Santas RepliesPicture
Santa must have had a little too much egg nog when he wrote these replies back to kids 
Santas SecretPicture
Santa has a little fetish that he doesn't want you to know about 
Sars EffectPicture
The hazards of avoiding SARS 
Saskatchewan EnterpreneurPicture
A little humour during the long winter 
Save Money at ChristmasPicture
Perhaps a good way to save some money at Christmas 
Save the WhalesPicture
That is quite the blow hole on this whale 
Scam SpottingPicture
How to spot an easy scam 
Scary Halloween StoryText
An old man is being chased around in his house 
Scary ImagesPicture
Some things that you hope to never see in your life 
Scary Licence PlatePicture
Would you pass a car with a licence plate like this? 
Schmitt's HousePicture
Santa's Reindeers get Confused with their Directions 
School ActivityPicture
So son, what did you do at school today? 
School Garden ContestPicture
A School Classroom plants cactuses 
School Prayer PoemText
A poem written about prayer in School 
School ZonePicture
This is why we have those Standardize Tests 
Science vs. ReligionText
Scientists tell God they don't need him anymore 
Scrabble WordsText
What words can we find when we rearrage our letters? 
See-through topsPicture
You can see right through this celebrities top! 
Selling RomancePicture
This book retailer needs to work on his marketing 
Senior CinderellaText
Cinderella is now 75 years old! 
Sesame Street in HarlemPicture
Pack some heat before living on this street 
Sesame Street ThanksgivingPicture
Find out how Ernie, Bert and Friends celebrate Thanksgiving 
Severe Weather DamagePicture
A guy from California emails a picture to the East Coast to illustrate the west coast weather disasters 
Sex Education ConventionText
A man meets a sex education teacher en route to Chicago 
Sexist Wishing WellPicture
What happens when women make wishes about household chores 
Shark FoodPicture
Food that can give sharks bad gas 
She was sooo blondeText
How dumb can blondes be? 
Shoplifting SignPicture
A good discouragement from stealing 
Shotgun RulesText
Guidelines for the front seat 
Sick of WorkPicture
This is one way to leave the office early without walking by the boss's office 
Signs of Single-nessText
A drunk points out the obvious sign of single-ness 
Simple Sex JokesText
Little funnies about sex 
Simpsons Snowball Fight (250Kb)Flash
Hit various Simpsons characters with snow balls 
Single Male AdPicture
I doubt anyone will respond 
Ski SmilePicture
Why you shouldn't smile when skiing the slopes 
Skin GraphText
A husband donates his skin to help his wife looks better 
Sleeping on Job ExcusesPicture
Ten best things to say if you get caught sleeping at your desk: 
Small Town GossipText
A trial takes place in a village courtroom 
Small Town LivingText
You might be from a small town if... 
Smart DadText
After many years of marriage, dad has had enough 
Snake Computer CrashPicture
How a Snake rescues his computer after Windows Crashes 
Snake DatingPicture
An interesting pick-up line in the Snake Dating Scene 
Snow Globe (200k)Flash
A little fun with a snow globe -- who has time to make up these things 
Snowman Stick-upPicture
Those Snowman noses can be valuable commodities 
Snowman's FuneralPicture
How do they bury snowmen when they pass on 
SnowWomen ImplantsPicture
Are they fake or are they real? 
So you've been Naughty?Picture
What Santa gives to bad little boys and girls 
Soaps and SportsText
A male-female translation for our favourite TV shows 
SOB DefinedPicture
The Definition of a SOB 
Sometimes... ThoughtsPicture
An inspirational thought for all of us 
Spanish foodText
An tourist travels to Spain to enjoy the culture and food 
Special High Intensity TrainingText
Figure out the Title Acronym - Its all about Job Training 
Speed TrapPicture
A good method to deter speeding 
Speghetti AffairText
A man has an affair with an Italian Women 
Sperm CynicsPicture
Some of the boys get a gut feeling that something bad will happen 
Sperm Mystery DatePicture
A couple of the boys play the board game Mystery Date 
Spicy Baby FoodPicture
Want to make your kid to forget about teething pains, try feeding them this 
Sport BlundersPicture
Sports are not always glamourous 
Sports and ManagementText
A comparrison of favourite sports to employment positions 
Spot the Odd OnePicture
Can you spot which guy doesn't belong? 
Spotlight PricelessPicture
Dress, Shoes and Credit Cards 
Stages of LifeText
Different stages for Men and Women 
Star Trek ClichesText
Top 30 Trek cliches of all time 
Star Wars Pickup LinesText
Top 12 Pick up Lines used by Star Wars Fans 
StarWars v. TitanicText
A comparrison of StarWars to the Titanic 
State VisitText
George Bush and the Queen get together for a State Visit 
Statue of TalibanPicture
The Statue of Liberty in Afganistan 
Stella AwardsText
Similar to the Darwin Awards, these outline idiotic law suits 
Store FunText
Lots of Stupid Slogans 
StoryTeller BillPicture
Bill Clinton reads a story to Children 
Stretch after Jogging (2 Mb)Movie
A jogger stretches after a job and is assisted by a friendly passer-by 
Strip Twister Anyone?Picture
Something to think about before playing this revealing game 
Stuffing a HumanPicture
Turkeys watch a video on how to cook Christmas dinner 
Stupid Cold WeatherPicture
Two images about the ice and snow of winter 
Stupid HunterPicture
This guy should not be allowed to use a gun 
Subscription RenewalPicture
A new method to cheat on taxes 
Surgeon's HelpPicture
Where does a Surgeon go when he needs help with a medical operation 
Surprise Church AppearanceText
The ultimate deceiver makes a surprise visit in a church 
Surrounded by IdiotsText
Some people just have problems 
Sweating TerroristsPicture
Deoderant for Terrorists 
Swimming AthiestText
An Athiest meets a shark! 
T-shirt AdvertisingPicture
This guy has high expectations for himself 
T-shirt SlogansPicture
Slogans that you probably will not see on T-shirts 
Taco Bell SignPicture
Check out the Taco Bell Sign 
Take your Kid to Work DayPicture
An airline pilot takes his kid to work to show him the joys of flying 
Taliban Computer VirusText
Beware of this computer Virus, it could erase your computer! 
Talk Talk Commercial (3.3 Mb)Movie
Not really a joke, but a neat tv commercial using humans to create and animate scene 
Talking Easter BunniesPicture
Two easter bunnies try to have a conversation 
Talking FrogText
An older gentleman finds a talking frog who offers happiness and pleasures 
Tanning a TurkeyPicture
When baking a turkey to that golden brown, watch out for tan lines 
Tea KettleText
A hobo man who had spent his whole life in the desert went to visit a friend 
Tea KettlesText
A guy who has spent his life in the dessert goes to visit his friend 
Teachers NotesText
Real Notes that parents have written 
Tech SupportText
Ever wonder why the techies get paid so much for answering the phone 
Tech Support StoriesText
Stories of these technologically challenge people 
Techno Country FolkText
Definitions for Country Folk 
Techno Geek LingoText
Lingo to Enhance your Vocabulary 
Technology in our LivesPicture
How technology has gripped our lives for better or worse 
Teenage FlowersPicture
A little take off of Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light Melody 
Telemarketer FunText
Ten ways to Terrorize a Telemarketer 
Teletubby Drop-outsPicture
Teletubbies that just didn't make the cut 
Terrorist Training SchoolPicture
A class you don't want to miss 
Terrorist TV GuideText
What Bin Laden watches 
Texan JokeText
It's hard to beat a Texan 
Text BreastsText
You've seen :) or ;) - Now there are Symbols for Breasts! 
TGIF errorText
A Co-worker mixes up her day 
Thanks for the EmailsText
A thank-you letter to all those friends who pass on warnings through email 
Thanksgiving ConversationText
10 Things that sound dirty on Thanksgiving Weekend 
That is a BIG catPicture
This has to be a Guiness Record 
The 1980sText
Signs that you grew up in the 1980s 
The 1990sText
Signs That You have Had Too Much Of The 1990s 
The Art GalleryText
Art is in the eye of the Beholder 
The Big M-arijuanaPicture
Over 1 billion customers stoned 
The Blonde BrainPicture
Scientists have mapped the Female Blond Brain 
The BullText
Two sisters, one blonde and one brunette, inherit the family ranch, but are having some financial troubles 
The Cookoo ClockText
A drunk husband comes up with an idea for being late 
The DilemmaText
A job application question, how would you solve this dilemma 
The E-wordPicture
Forget about F, this is even a worse word to use 
The Eternal QuestionText
A question only for the smart people 
The Fictional EdenText
A fictional story about Eve and Adam 
The Morning-after PumpkinPicture
Some pumpkins party way too much 
The PhotographerText
A photographer hires a plane to get better pictures of a forest fire 
The Pope and the QueenText
A little story about when the Pope and Queen met 
The Ranchers WidowText
A Racher's Widow hires a farm-hand to help look after the ranch 
The SneezeText
A graduating class deals with a recent supreme court ruling 
The Swimming HeadText
A Head Swims in a Contest 
The truth about HospitalsPicture
The revealing truth about hospital gowns 
The world per capitaText
Stats if the world were only 100 people 
Theory of RelativesText
A Texan writes about his family tree 
They Found NemoPicture
Here's where Nemo has been hiding out all along 
Things that Annoy MeText
A few things that annoy me in the world 
Things to do in a bathroomText
Make those daily moments more pleasant 
Think of the ChildrenPicture
Forget the Children, this guy needs to think of his own education 
This Land (3 Mb)Flash
George Bush and John Kerry sing about their chances in the 2004 election 
Thong at the BeachPicture
Lots of people would stare at this Thong 
Thong BikinisPicture
Two women wear thongs to the beach 
Thoughts about LifeText
A few thoughts about the things in our lives 
Threatening a monkeyPicture
This guy has taken a Monkey hostage for his demands 
Three Wise WomenPicture
What if the Maji were Female? 
Three WishesText
A women get three wishes 
Tickle the PigFlash
Turn your volume up and tickle the pig 
Tight Parking JobPicture
I hope this wasn't Valet Parking 
Tim Horton WinnersPicture
Roll up the Rim to Win cups that you really don't want to win 
Tim Horton's BunsPicture
I wonder why this baker got fired from Tim Hortons 
Tim Horton's RulesText
Rules of Engagment for ordering coffee and ensuring a civilized Canadian Society 
Time ManagementPicture
Learn how to manage your time by Multi-tasking 
Timmys New BikePicture
How Timmy got his new bike from Santa Claus 
Tired and OverworkedText
Ever felt like you were doing all the work 
Tired of WinterPicture
Getting tired of winter yet? 
Toilet MishapPicture
The dangers of being a male and being toilet trained 
Toilet Stall SignPicture
I guess the guys who use this washroom are a bit messy 
Tombstone For SalePicture
Check out this newspaper advertisement 
Tongue TwistersText
How getting words mixed up can cause misinterpretation 
Too Much CaffiennePicture
Did someone put something in this Kittys Bowl? 
Top 10 Signs of Job Burn OutText
Feeling overworked? 
Top 9 Sex JokesText
You are clicking here because it says sex right? 
Topless Bar DancersPicture
This picture needs no introduction! 
Topless BeachPicture
A couple head for a day of sun on the beach 
Touching Father-Son StoryText
A heart wrenching story about a father and his son 
Tough being a ManText
Do you how tough it is to be a man in today's mixed up world 
Tough DecisionPicture
Many a man has had to make a tough decision 
Traffic Pull-overPicture
Can you guess what this biker was being pulled over by the cops 
Treadmill Exercise (3 Mb)Movie
A guy determined to exercise has a little problem with his treadmill 
Trick or TreatText
Ways to confuse Trick or Treaters 
Trouble on the ArkPicture
Noah had his hands full with the Rabbits on the Ark 
Various quotes and witty sayings 
True SignsText
Examples of signs that have different meanings! 
Truth about BeerFlash
Government health warning about alcohol consumption 
Turning Tricks or TreatText
Why Trick or Treating is Better than Sex 
Twas the night before ExamsText
Must be close to Christmas when you are cramming 
Twas the night... UnedittedText
I think the twas the night poem has been done to death 
Two BroomsText
The romantic story of two broom swept off their feet 
Two Guys and their TruckText
A True Story about an Ice Fishing Trip 
Two Stupid ChickensPicture
A good comic about the "Why did the Chicken" classic joke 
U.S. vs. NewfoundlandText
The Americans and Newfies are headed for a military showdown 
Ultimate Urban LegendText
A pop-shot at all those annoying forwards 
Un-Sexiest Man CalendarPicture
The top 12 Models for the ugliest men in the World 
Uncle Frank's VisitText
Dad's not home, so Uncle Frank comes and visits 
Under the MistletoePicture
A dog, cat and a Christmas kissing tradition 
Uneven SuntanPicture
Ever had an Uneven Suntan? 
United We DanceFlash
Bush and Britney dance and raise american patriotism 
University BeliefsText
Find out what three University Students believe 
University JokesText
Jokes about Ontario Universities 
University LightbulbsText
How many University Students... 
University Name DefinitionsText
Find out what Ontario University Names Really Mean 
Unseen AdvertisementsPicture
Ads and posters that you will never see in magazines or on bulletin boards 
Unwanted EmailPicture
What to do with all those cheezy fwds 
Up Yur KiltPicture
Ever wondered if what they say about Scots is True? 
US Apology (4 Mb)Movie
Clip from 22 Minutes apologizing to the United States on behalf of Canada 
Useless FactsText
Things you do not really need to know 
User OutsidePicture
Why we have so many problems with computers 
Vacuum SalesmanText
An Elderly women has an encounter with a pushy salesman 
Various ThoughtsText
Questions and Sayings to make you... think 
Vet 911Picture
Help! Grimmy swallowed a telephone 
Vet ClinicText
A pet owner takes his dog to the vet for examination 
Viagra SlogansText
Slogans to capture the essence of the Miracle drug 
Visit from SantaPicture
Perhaps Santa should have knocked first before coming down the chimney 
Waiting for the Perfect ManPicture
What happens to women who wait for the perfect man 
Walmart UnderwearPicture
Walmart is stocking new designs in Underwear 
Want and RealityPicture
What Women want, and what is looking for them 
War is OverPicture
Dubya and Saddam make peace 
War UpdateText
A little groaner update about the war on Iraq 
Washing your CatText
Detailed instructions on how to wash you Cat 
Washroom ConversationPicture
A toothbrush and toilet paper roll have a little conversation 
Watch for falling RocksPicture
This is an interesting Road Sign 
Watch out SantaPicture
Santa Clause has to be careful when he flies through the air 
Ways to Be Unhappy This Holiday SeasonText
A Top Ten list for Holidays 
We need Bat GirlPicture
Bat Girl's signal in the sky 
We're from NewfoundlandText
Two Newfoundlanders visit Ontario and take advantage of a sale 
Web Designer ArchitectsText
If Architects had to work like Web Designers... 
Wedding ColoursText
A child asks about wedding traditions during a ceremony 
Wedding Vow TruthPicture
This is what should be said to the bride 
West Jet FlightsText
Humourous quotes from West Jet Flights 
What a differenceText
1970s to the 2000s 
What God is LikeText
What is God like? Comparisons to other things in our lives 
What goes around...Text
Only in American Justice 
What is your Favourite Hymn?Text
Various Professionals favourite hymns 
What to wear to Court?Picture
Michael Jackson has some decisions to make for his court appearance 
What Will I Be?Picture
What will I be when I grow up and get a job? 
What you deservePicture
You deserve only the best in life 
What's up there?Picture
A little curious kid discovers the true nature of a Scotsman 
An interesting take off of the Bud commercial 
Wheels of LifePicture
A circle of life... as illustrated by wheels 
When Men make the Rules...Text
12 Simple rules that all men would like to have 
When the wife is aroundPicture
Sometimes having the wife around is just bad timing 
Where would you like to Go?Text
A day in Heaven & Hell 
Where's Bin Laden?Picture
A take off of Where's Waldo 
Who is Jack Schitt?Text
For some time many of us have wondered just who is Jack Schitt? 
Who started Christmas?Text
A frustrated mother ponders the whole Christmas holiday and gets a surprising answer 
Who wears the PantsText
A story about a HoneyMoon 
Who's Sheep is this?Picture
DNA testing has come a long way 
Whom should you marry?Text
Who is better? A nurse, an operator or a teacher? 
Why did the Chicken...Text
Various Answers to the Famous Question 
Why Dogs AttackPicture
Ever wonder why Dogs turn on their owners? 
Why God created EveText
Top 10 Reasons why Eve was created 
Why Men die quickerPicture
4 Reasons why women outlive men 
Why Women are So Bright!Text
Reasons why Women are smarter 
Wild Ride HomeText
An officer makes a routine traffic stop -- or what he thought was 
Will Never Say...Text
Phrases that Men and Women will never mutter 
Willing to Pay CashPicture
No Credit Card needed 
Willing to WorkPicture
Some guys are desperate 
Windows for ScotsPicture
Awk lass, you'lllll got'ta see this 
Windows Newfie EditionPicture
Regional Translation Version for Newfoundlanders 
Winter Class for MenText
14 sessions to improve the male species. Class size is limited. 
Winter FridgePicture
Those snowed-in people on the east coast keep their sense of humour about the winter blizzards 
Winter ImagesPicture
Various photos of winter scenes, some funny, some amazing 
Wisdom of the ElderlyText
A wise elder shares wisdom about life 
Witty RepliesText
A list of Witty Replies to Pick Up lines 
Some mysteries and wonders about females 
Women Bumper StickersText
I am Women, Hear me Rev my Engine 
Women DominationPicture
What the world would be if dominated by Women 
Women Driver StatsText
Statistics on Female Drivers 
Women of KabulText
Barbara Walters returns to Kabul, Afganistan after the war to see the progress 
Women UnderstandText
Top 10 things that only women understand 
Women's Dream CarPicture
What every women wants to drive? 
Womens DictionaryText
Essential Guide to Womens English 
Womens Dictionary IIText
More words in a females vocabulary 
Womens Dictionary IIIText
More words that women use and their true meanings 
Womens LanguageText
The Secrets of the Female Language 
Womens MoneyPicture
Why Women burn so much money 
Womens night outText
An innocent girls-night out leads to some interesting questions 
Womens PerspectiveText
Stories and thoughts about women from a different perspective 
Womens RulesText
Laws that women should follow 
Woodbridge ApplicationText
Application to live in the town of Woodbrigdge (Redneck country) 
Word Perfect HotlineText
Actual Transcript of a FORMER software assistence employee 
Words of WisdomText
Some inspiration to help you throughout your day 
Words of Wisdom IIText
Some more inspirational thoughts for your mind 
Work vs PrisonText
A comparrison of Work to Prison 
Working from Home (3 Mb)Movie
Perhaps a disadvantage about working from home 
Working-for-a-Living TheromText
Ever wonder why you're not making enough money 
Workplace Safety ProgramPicture
It is important to have Health and Safety standards at work to avoid accidents 
World According to CowsText
Various Ideologies explained by using Bovine Examples 
World Domination RulesText
100 Rules for World Domination 
World Order T-shirtPicture
An interesting view of how the new world order should be organized 
World Trade HeroPicture
We could have used him on September 11, 2001 
Worse Lie EverText
Talk about a bad lie 
Wrong Directions?Picture
I Wonder Who Stands on this Street Corner 
Wrong Mail boxPicture
This is what happens when little old ladies do not wear their glasses 
Wu's on First?Text
A take off of Who's on First as written for the oval office 
Y2k SolutionText
A good solution to the Y2K Bug 
Year 2004Text
You know you're living in 2004 when... 
Year 2035 HeadlinesText
What the world will be like in 2035 
Yearly PhysicalText
An Old Mans trip to the Doctor 
You are a ButtfacePicture
Ever felt like an @$$ ? 
You kicked my DogSound
A prank phone call to a neighbour about someone kicking his dog 
You know youre Canadian when...Text
List of things to tell if you are Canadian 
Young Habs FanPicture
Something tells me, this class photo wasn't taken in Quebec 
Young JealousyPicture
If looks could kill, this girl would get 30 years 
Your First TimeText
A provocative story about a girls first time 
Zebra CrossingPicture
What the world looks like to Zebras 
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