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Phil's Celebration 1. Phil's Celebration
Phil slurps back a Coke at the Party 100%
Party Philler 2. Party Philler
Picture of Phil at the New Years Bash 100%
Phil, Kitty and I 3. Phil, Kitty and I
This cat kept hissing at me during our visit, I guess he was upset we didn't bring him candy 100%
Bartenders 4. Bartenders
Phil and Kayla play bartender -- or else, they are playing on the laptop 100%
Hey, You Got my Hot Dog 5. Hey, You Got my Hot Dog
After eating 1/2 the dog, Drew and Phil Size up and Switch Food 100%
Happy to be Here 2 6. Happy to be Here 2
More Friends posing for a picture 100%
Let me touch your nose 7. Let me touch your nose
Come on, it won't hurt 100%
Eating the Chocolate Bar 8. Eating the Chocolate Bar
A little game to see who eats the mars bar 100%
French Toast 9. French Toast
Andi brings out the Breakfast 100%
Good morning! 10. Good morning!
Everyone is wide awake on Sunday morning 100%
SPEW Group Photo 11. SPEW Group Photo
A group photo in the snow before we leave 100%
Andi and Me 12. Andi and Me
Andi and I pose at Shelly's party 100%
You are in the Way 13. You are in the Way
Ian moves into the picture at the last minute 100%
Now stay put this time 14. Now stay put this time
Ian stays out of the picture this time 100%
SPEW Wedding Photo 1 15. SPEW Wedding Photo 1
Wow... the group has grown over the years 100%
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