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Linda and Me 1. Linda and Me
Linda and I pose for a Christmas Picture 100%
Linda and guest 2. Linda and guest
Hey, its my old Grade 10 science partner 100%
Looking for Recipes 2 3. Looking for Recipes 2
Linda is looking for a Cookie Recipe 100%
After the Service 4. After the Service
Waiting for the bride and groom to come out of the church -- thankfully Linda was looking my way 100%
Best friends 5. Best friends
Linda and Kelly at the reception -- friends for 22 years 100%
Baking some Christmas Cookies 6. Baking some Christmas Cookies
I think we need more Chocolate Chips 100%
Get out of my face 7. Get out of my face
He just had to stick his head in my way 100%
Listen you! 8. Listen you!
If you put your head in my way again, there will be trouble! 100%

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