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Gavin Getting Soaked 1. Gavin Getting Soaked
No tarp for Gavin -- I remember taking this pic for some funny reason, but I can't remember 100%
All The Way in 2. All The Way in
Gavin downs some corn. Good form Gavin. 100%
Sharpening My Axe On Wood 3. Sharpening My Axe On Wood
Gavin prepares to dispose of the pesky raccoons. 100%
The Chicken Dance 4. The Chicken Dance
Gavin likes the chicken dance, Kayla does not. 100%
Gavin, in the Midst 5. Gavin, in the Midst
Useless Shaky Hand... Can't hold the c..c..camera still 100%
SPEW and the Happy Couple 3 6. SPEW and the Happy Couple 3
And one last photo with the Bride and Groom (Gavin, stop looking, she's taken now) 100%
All The Way In Part 2: The Reckoning 7. All The Way In Part 2: The Reckoning
Atta boy! 100%
Time To Play... 8. Time To Play...
Throw the stick in the tree! 100%
Man... 9. Man...
I didn't know raccoons could even do that...look at 'em go! 100%
Dogs 10. Dogs
As food grew scarce, our travelers developed a taste for the other, other white meat... 100%
Sarah's Turn! 11. Sarah's Turn!
We all know a girl couldn't get the stick in the tree, but we gave them a shot anyways. 100%
Finally... 12. Finally...
The tarps are up, but will they hold? 100%
Time To Relax 13. Time To Relax
With the tarps off we have nothing to fear...except those wolves over there... 100%
We Like Animals 14. We Like Animals
Especially the way they taste 100%
Mmm... Candy Canes 15. Mmm... Candy Canes
Happy to get a little Christmas Gift 100%
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