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California Dawn 1. California Dawn
The sun rises over the Californian Desert 66%
California Mountains 2. California Mountains
It was a clear day when we flew back, so we got a nice view of the californian landscape 66%
California Poppy 3. California Poppy
A slice of heaven along the trail to the dam 50%
California Sunrise 4. California Sunrise
A great shot of day break as we take off from Fresno Airport 50%
Californian Desert 5. Californian Desert
Sand and Mountains for as far as the eye can see at 30,000 feet 50%
Red Ford Mustang Convertible 6. Red Ford Mustang Convertible
The only way to fly in California is in style 33%
Silhouette 7. Silhouette
A little California dreaming 33%
Atop the Mountain 8. Atop the Mountain
Here I am at Yosemite National Park -- probably one of the best pictures taken in California 33%
Catching Some Rays 9. Catching Some Rays
Even the Native people enjoy the California sun. 33%
Sunrise and Clouds 10. Sunrise and Clouds
The plane was turning as I took this photo from high above California 33%
Birds of Paradise 11. Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise outside the San Diego airport, these flowers grow everywhere 16%
Bird of Paradise 12. Bird of Paradise
A nice close-up of a wild bird of paradise, $10 for this in Toronto 16%
San Diego Terminal 13. San Diego Terminal
Waiting for the shuttle outside the San Diego airport 16%
San Diego Airport 14. San Diego Airport
Rachel waiting for the shuttle outside the San Diego terminal 16%
Ford Mustang 15. Ford Mustang
Our sweet ride 16%
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