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Shooting Hoops Oct 03/2004
Inner city youths shoot some hoops against a graffi-filled wall
New York Buildings Oct 03/2004
I liked this one because they even included the fire escapes on the outside walls
Coke Sign Oct 03/2004
Close up of the coca-cola sign located in Times Square
Fixing the Square Oct 03/2004
Bottom right corner, repair crew fixes a sign in Time Square
Skate in the Park Oct 03/2004
People enjoy a little recreation time (Ice in California?)
New York Skyline Oct 03/2004
A perspective view of New York's skyline -- the young girl on the left shows the size of these models
Marina Resort Oct 03/2004
Tugboats circle this man-made island (for a buck, you can drive the tugboats around the lake)
Docking Cargo Ship Oct 03/2004
A tugboat pushes an oceanliner into the docks
Loading the Railcars Oct 03/2004
Cranes unload the ships and put the containers on the train
Unloading station Oct 03/2004
Looks like the ship is unloaded by conveyor system and dumped into railcars
U.S. Coast Guard Oct 03/2004
A patrol boat is docked in the harbour
Brocklyn Bridge Oct 03/2004
Two famous bridges in New York span the river
Atop the Mountain Oct 07/2004
Here I am at Yosemite National Park -- probably one of the best pictures taken in California
Fox on the Road Oct 07/2004
While driving down the mountain in Yosemite, we saw a fox crossing the road
Turn this way and Smile Oct 07/2004
I didn't want to get too close to this fox, but I think I got a cool pic of him (taken in Yosemite Park)
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