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Pass the book please Mar 16/2003
(I love that quilt)
All tuckered out Mar 16/2003
Chrissy catches up on sleep while waiting for the session to begin
Euchre time Mar 15/2003
It is not a retreat without some euchre
Wrong, wrong, wrong Mar 15/2003
What's wrong with this picture of three guys doing dishes?
Listening intently Mar 15/2003
A few spew listen to the speaker
Socks and Vicky Mar 15/2003
Vicky contemplates while socks warm by the fire
Psst... Heather Mar 15/2003
Hey... Turn this way... Lemme get a good picture for once..
That's not polite Mar 15/2003
It's not polite to point at the breakfast table
Good morning Mar 15/2003
Mmm... Toast... Breakfast of champions
Not Me! Mar 15/2003
Dorothy immunes herself from saying Grace at Supper time
Tom... Post Fire Mar 15/2003
Tom successfully lights the fire... though, I think the lighter fluid had more to do with it...
Tom... Pre-fire Mar 15/2003
After a little help from some flammable fluid, Tom lights the fire
Toms Nice Hat Mar 15/2003
A picture of Tom's hat... oh, and tom is there too.
Trivia Time Mar 15/2003
Who's winning at Simpsons trivia?
Gimme a hug! Mar 15/2003
Robyn gets a little pick-me-up from me
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