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Looking all nice Oct 04/2003
A spew of us after the ceremony while waiting in the receiving line
Long time, No see Oct 04/2003
Megan and I share a quick photo and hug after the ceremony
Best dressed Oct 04/2003
All of them in suits and ties, how often does this happen
Past and Present SPEW Oct 04/2003
Some of old and new catching up on each other's lives
Got here early Oct 04/2003
I see I wasn't the only one to arrive early
SPEW outside... with Andrew Mar 16/2003
Andrew squeezes in at the last minute for the last photo of the retreat
Spew Outside Mar 16/2003
A final shot of the group before we head home
Move over Jared Mar 16/2003
Looks like we have a new Subway poster boy
Knock, knock Mar 16/2003
A few of the group enjoying the beautiful weather
SPEW Group III Mar 16/2003
Another shot of the group, this one on a timer shot
Spew Group II Mar 16/2003
Spew poses for a group shot on the stairs
Spew Group I Mar 16/2003
The whole group on the stairs of the retreat house
Chain encouragement Mar 16/2003
I'll sign your back, while you are signing his
Encouragement Activity Mar 16/2003
The group goes around and writes encouragement on each other's back
Encouragement please Mar 16/2003
Walking around, writing encouragement on each other
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