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Brick Commander ZipZipZipRating 2Rating 2
BattleMechs from the BattleTech/MechWarrior series built with Lego http://www.brickcommander.com/
LUGNET ZipRating 4Rating 4Rating 4Rating 4
Lego Users Group -- best place for Lego info -- including a close-to-complete set database http://www.lugnet.com
Lego.com Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5
The Official Lego Homepage http://www.lego.com
Over 500 LEGO Links ZipZipRating 3Rating 3Rating 3
If you are looking for more LEGO pages, this is the site! http://www.aloha.net/~danjezek...
The Brick Testament ZipRating 4Rating 4Rating 4Rating 4
Bible Stories told by using Lego http://www.thereverend.com/bri...
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