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Popular Jokes starting with W∨der

Jokes Starting with W∨der

Why did the Chicken...Text
Various Answers to the Famous Question 
Why Dogs AttackPicture
Ever wonder why Dogs turn on their owners? 
Why God created EveText
Top 10 Reasons why Eve was created 
Why Men die quickerPicture
4 Reasons why women outlive men 
Why Women are So Bright!Text
Reasons why Women are smarter 
Wild Ride HomeText
An officer makes a routine traffic stop -- or what he thought was 
Will Never Say...Text
Phrases that Men and Women will never mutter 
Willing to Pay CashPicture
No Credit Card needed 
Willing to WorkPicture
Some guys are desperate 
Windows for ScotsPicture
Awk lass, you'lllll got'ta see this 
Windows Newfie EditionPicture
Regional Translation Version for Newfoundlanders 
Winter Class for MenText
14 sessions to improve the male species. Class size is limited. 
Winter FridgePicture
Those snowed-in people on the east coast keep their sense of humour about the winter blizzards 
Winter ImagesPicture
Various photos of winter scenes, some funny, some amazing 
Wisdom of the ElderlyText
A wise elder shares wisdom about life 
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