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Popular Jokes starting with G

Jokes Starting with G

God v. Henry FordText
A story of Henry Fords time in Heaven 
God's BalanceText
Finally a joke that explains what it's like to be Canadian 
God's childrenText
A transcript of God raising Adam and Eve 
God's DietText
And God created food... 
Gods BillboardPicture
What God might advertise on a Billboard 
Gods CreationText
A story of how God created the World 
Gods Creation VIA a computerText
Another story of how God created the World 
Golden TelephoneText
A writer researches churches in North America 
Goldfish DiarreaPicture
How to tell when your Pet Fish isn't feeling too well 
Golf AssociationPicture
A husband can relate to his pregnant wife 
Golf Ball CollectionPicture
What happens to people who illegally collect golf balls 
Golf HolesPicture
The 19th Hole 
Golf MisquotesText
Top 10 things said on the golf course that sound dirty 
Gonna be a BearPicture
A women decides that in the next life, she wants to be a bear 
Good Luck, Mister GorskyText
Neil Armstrong explains the words he said on the moon 
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