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Popular Jokes starting with U

Jokes Starting with U

U.S. vs. NewfoundlandText
The Americans and Newfies are headed for a military showdown 
Ultimate Urban LegendText
A pop-shot at all those annoying forwards 
Un-Sexiest Man CalendarPicture
The top 12 Models for the ugliest men in the World 
Uncle Frank's VisitText
Dad's not home, so Uncle Frank comes and visits 
Under the MistletoePicture
A dog, cat and a Christmas kissing tradition 
Uneven SuntanPicture
Ever had an Uneven Suntan? 
United We DanceFlash
Bush and Britney dance and raise american patriotism 
University BeliefsText
Find out what three University Students believe 
University JokesText
Jokes about Ontario Universities 
University LightbulbsText
How many University Students... 
University Name DefinitionsText
Find out what Ontario University Names Really Mean 
Unseen AdvertisementsPicture
Ads and posters that you will never see in magazines or on bulletin boards 
Unwanted EmailPicture
What to do with all those cheezy fwds 
Up Yur KiltPicture
Ever wondered if what they say about Scots is True? 
US Apology (4 Mb)Movie
Clip from 22 Minutes apologizing to the United States on behalf of Canada 
Useless FactsText
Things you do not really need to know 
User OutsidePicture
Why we have so many problems with computers 
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