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Popular Jokes starting with T

Jokes Starting with T

T-shirt AdvertisingPicture
This guy has high expectations for himself 
T-shirt SlogansPicture
Slogans that you probably will not see on T-shirts 
Taco Bell SignPicture
Check out the Taco Bell Sign 
Take your Kid to Work DayPicture
An airline pilot takes his kid to work to show him the joys of flying 
Taliban Computer VirusText
Beware of this computer Virus, it could erase your computer! 
Talk Talk Commercial (3.3 Mb)Movie
Not really a joke, but a neat tv commercial using humans to create and animate scene 
Talking Easter BunniesPicture
Two easter bunnies try to have a conversation 
Talking FrogText
An older gentleman finds a talking frog who offers happiness and pleasures 
Tanning a TurkeyPicture
When baking a turkey to that golden brown, watch out for tan lines 
Tea KettleText
A hobo man who had spent his whole life in the desert went to visit a friend 
Tea KettlesText
A guy who has spent his life in the dessert goes to visit his friend 
Teachers NotesText
Real Notes that parents have written 
Tech SupportText
Ever wonder why the techies get paid so much for answering the phone 
Tech Support StoriesText
Stories of these technologically challenge people 
Techno Country FolkText
Definitions for Country Folk 
Techno Geek LingoText
Lingo to Enhance your Vocabulary 
Technology in our LivesPicture
How technology has gripped our lives for better or worse 
Teenage FlowersPicture
A little take off of Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light Melody 
Telemarketer FunText
Ten ways to Terrorize a Telemarketer 
Teletubby Drop-outsPicture
Teletubbies that just didn't make the cut 
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