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Popular Jokes starting with R

Jokes Starting with R

Re-State of the Union (7 Mb)Movie
George Bushes 2003 State of the Union address -- edited for clarity Views: 14908
Road Sign StoryPicture
Road Signs you havent seen before Views: 14003
Redneck PacifierPicture
A redneck baby sucks on his pacifier Views: 11914
Rabbit Easter EggsPicture
Just like Cadburys Views: 11702
Reason for Break-upPicture
A guy explains why he broke up with her Views: 11565
Redneck PrioritiesPicture
Well, at least this vehicle isn't on cement blocks Views: 10912
Redneck Sex TestText
A simple test for the hics out dar Views: 10447
Redneck Family TreeText
This is tricky, try to keep up Views: 9945
Redneck Medical TermsText
Medical Lingo for Cletus and friends... Views: 9187
Real Mars PhotoPicture
What NASA doesn't want you to see about the recent Mars Exploration Views: 8308
Redneck DogsPicture
Your dog might be a redneck if... Views: 7583
RIP Maple LeafsText
My tribute to the Leafs Playoff Run Views: 7325
Redneck PoemText
Poetry about a redneck's decision on who to marry Views: 7291
Rudolf's PatiencePicture
This reindeer's patience is close to ending Views: 7164
Re-arranging lettersText
What happens when you scramble and rearrange the letters in words Views: 7070
Roll up the RimPicture
Congrats! You win a prize?!? Views: 6949
Reindeer DistractionPicture
Maybe some blinders will help Rudolf keep his eyes on the road Views: 6873
Rudolfs RevengePicture
Rudolf didnt count to 10... Views: 6834
Revenue Canada WorkersText
RCMP is trying to track down these workers Views: 6459
Real Life IdiotsText
Stories from all walks of life Views: 6192
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