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Popular Jokes starting with P

Jokes Starting with P

Promises, PromisesPicture
Its Jean Chretian! Groooovy! 70.2272727272727%
Polish Eye ExamText
A trip to the polish eye doctor 69.2592592592593%
Poland InvasionPicture
How the Germans invaded Poland in 1938 69.1666666666667%
Pentagon JanitorPicture
It's 1:47 a.m., and she's got the windex 68.7931034482759%
Pen Potty TrainingPicture
A little mishap for this inKfant 66.6037735849057%
Picking up ChicksPicture
See how the professional does it 65.2272727272727%
Pharmacy QuestionPicture
I wonder how often Pharmacist are asked this question 62.8125%
Perfect JobText
What's the perfect job for you? 62.7027027027027%
PMS DefinitionsText
Top 13 Things that PMS Stands For 62.4%
Proof of GodText
Story about Science proving Gods exists 61.1538461538461%
Pet Security (1 Mb)Movie
A Dog and Cat are left alone when burgars break into their owner's house 60.4166666666667%
Pencil ViolencePicture
Perhaps the pencil is mightier than the pen? 59.2857142857143%
Pick up linesText
Out of material? Try these! 58.8888888888889%
Priceless AdsPicture
A few more of those priceless-theme advertisemnt 58.6301369863014%
Pastoral NervousnessText
Find out how Pastors calm thier pulpit fright 58.5714285714286%
Proof of Creation (1mb)Movie
This monkey is proof that Darwin's theory could not be true 58.4545454545455%
Priceless Super HerosPicture
Another Mastercard Priceless advertisement take-off 58.2608695652174%
Prayers of the SexesText
A girl and guy pray to the Lord for that special someone 58.1818181818182%
Proud to be Canadian?Picture
Canada... The big world super power... 57.9545454545455%
Painted FloorPicture
At least, one does not have to worry about their aim 57.8260869565217%
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