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Popular Jokes starting with P

Jokes Starting with P

Painted FloorPicture
At least, one does not have to worry about their aim 
Paperless ToiletPicture
The new paperless toilet -- installed in all executive washrooms 
Parachute AccidentPicture
Just watch the animation, you'll figure it out 
Parenting TestText
To all of you that are trying to have children, good luck 
Pass with CarePicture
A road warning sign 
Pastoral NervousnessText
Find out how Pastors calm thier pulpit fright 
Patience of a TeacherText
Even teachers have their limits for the patience 
Pavement DrawingsPicture
Various chalk drawings made on the city sidewalks 
Peanuts ReunionText
What happens if Charlie Brown had aged 
Pen Potty TrainingPicture
A little mishap for this inKfant 
Pencil DivorcePicture
A glimpse into the life of a married pencil couple 
Pencil ViolencePicture
Perhaps the pencil is mightier than the pen? 
Penguin GutsPicture
This guy has lots of courage to do this 
Penis TaxText
The Government is thinking about a new tax 
Pentagon JanitorPicture
It's 1:47 a.m., and she's got the windex 
Perfect for the JobText
What profession are you good at? 
Perfect JobText
What's the perfect job for you? 
Perfect Welfare StoryText
These welfare social workers are a smart bunch 
Perking UpText
A women slips viagra into her husband's coffee to get things start 
Pet DiariesText
Excerpts from a dogs and cats diaries 
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