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Popular Jokes starting with O

Jokes Starting with O

Overheard in the ClinicText
A large gentlemen takes a trip to the waiting room and replies quickly to the rude receptionist 70.3030303030303%
Office HumourText
If you work in an office environment, you'll find these funny 69.1304347826087%
Old is when...Text
Do you feel like your getting older 68.6764705882353%
Office MisquotesText
Top 10 things said in the office that sound dirty 64.4642857142857%
Open Letter to the FAAText
A writer has a way to prevent Hijackings 64.2307692307692%
Opening a Chequing AccountText
A guy trys to open a bank account 64.1379310344828%
Oh crapPicture
There are times when you know that the situation is not going to turn out well 63.6666666666667%
Ottawa RepairsText
Contractors are bidding on repairing Canada's parliament buildings 63%
On topPicture
Kids can be so naive 62.9787234042553%
Have you ever spoken and wished that you could immediately take the words... 62.6470588235294%
Ontario ResidencyText
You know you are from Ontario when... 62.093023255814%
Old Man and the Rocking ChairText
A story about why an elderly gentleman is rocking away 61.8181818181818%
Office BlondePicture
How a Blonde copies a Computer Document 61.7391304347826%
Our ResignationText
What happens when the office won the Lottery 61.4285714285714%
Oil ShortageText
Getting to the bottom of oil shortages and high gas prices 61.1009174311927%
Office DiscriminationPicture
Some times you can't win either way 61.0344827586207%
Old RoadsText
Back in the day when roads were dirt and gravel, life was simpler 60.6521739130435%
Only in America...Text
Insights into American Culture 60.3883495145631%
Old Iraqi Voting BallotPicture
Oh, the memories of when Saddam was in power 60.3703703703704%
Out of Office RepliesText
When setting up your outlook email out-of-office, try some of these responses 59.2%
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