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Popular Jokes starting with L

Jokes Starting with L

Lewinskys New BookText
Possible titles for Monicas book 65.8%
Learning EnglishPicture
Why it is important to learn English 65.0684931506849%
Locker Room ConversationText
A wife calls into the male locker room to confirm some purchases with her hubby 64.0740740740741%
Liberal 12 Days of ChristmasText
It seems as though Paul Martin's spending limits are not confined only to government 64.0350877192982%
Last Supper OrderPicture
The waiter at our Lord's last supper asks Jesus about the dinner 63.8709677419355%
London Fights BackPicture
Even the Queen is in on the War on Terror 61.7857142857143%
Long College LifeText
You know you've been in college too long when 60%
Liberal Party PrayerText
Now I lay me down to sleep, pray the government my taxes to keep... 59.7435897435897%
Loose LoadText
A trucker is loosing part of his load 59%
Lucky FrogText
A golfer stumbles across a lucky frog 58.9655172413793%
Late Night DiaryText
A young lover writes in their diary after a late night visitor leaves them breathless 58.8709677419355%
Law Firm MisquotesText
Top 10 things said in a Law Firm that sound dirty 57.8947368421053%
Lost in TranslationPicture
Something got lost in the translation of these two signs 57.7777777777778%
Leroy's Santa LetterText
Little Leroy writes a letter to Santa 57.5609756097561%
Living Room ExercisePicture
A way to stay fit 57%
Looking ImportantText
A businessman starts off in the real world 57%
Lawyers get DoubleText
A man finds a lamp, and gets to make wishes - but with a twist 56.8518518518518%
Lemmas, Laws and PrinciplesText
Various laws, quotes, sayings and ideas said throughout the ages 56.4%
Little FunniesText
Little funnies about things that kids say and the innocence of youth 56.3636363636364%
Lawyer JokesText
I might be biased, but I do not think this is very funny! 55.8024691358025%
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