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Popular Jokes starting with L

Jokes Starting with L

Laden's Hiding PlacePicture
Intelligence has found Bin Laden hideout 
Ladies vs. Real WomenText
Comparrison of ladies to the real women of the world 
Last Supper OrderPicture
The waiter at our Lord's last supper asks Jesus about the dinner 
Late HusbandPicture
How a wife determines the punishment for coming home late 
Late Night DiaryText
A young lover writes in their diary after a late night visitor leaves them breathless 
Latenight Iraq JokesText
Various jokes made by Letterman, Kilborn, Leno and O'Brien. 
Law Firm MisquotesText
Top 10 things said in a Law Firm that sound dirty 
Lawyer JokesText
I might be biased, but I do not think this is very funny! 
Lawyers get DoubleText
A man finds a lamp, and gets to make wishes - but with a twist 
Learning EnglishPicture
Why it is important to learn English 
Learning from CowsText
Everything I learned about Life, I learned from Cows 
Learning from NoahText
All I learned about life, I learned from Noah 
Learning from the MoviesText
Things you would never know without the movies 
Legalized in IdahoPicture
Though it is still illegal, this store is selling it 
Lego JunkiesPicture
Where do people come up with these ideas? 
Lemmas, Laws and PrinciplesText
Various laws, quotes, sayings and ideas said throughout the ages 
Leroy's Santa LetterText
Little Leroy writes a letter to Santa 
Lesser-Known Programming LanguagesText
A description of the other computer languages that didn't catch on 
Letter to the BankText
An irate Customer writes a letter about his new services 
Letters to GodText
Children Write Letters to God 
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