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Popular Jokes starting with G

Jokes Starting with G

Guns R UsPicture
Have a close look at what other service this store provides 69.0196078431373%
Guy RulesText
Rules that Guys wish Girls knew... 64.8979591836735%
Good Luck, Mister GorskyText
Neil Armstrong explains the words he said on the moon 64.7933884297521%
Got your head up yur...Picture
Hey you! Can't your hear me? Do you have your head up your.... 64.6938775510204%
Guys Wanna Say ItText
What guys really want to say, but don't 64.5652173913043%
God's childrenText
A transcript of God raising Adam and Eve 64.4736842105263%
GM vs. MicrosoftText
What happens if GM and Microsoft switch jobs 64.2857142857143%
Golf MisquotesText
Top 10 things said on the golf course that sound dirty 61.9354838709677%
George Bush shows his geography skills 61.6216216216216%
Getting pulled overText
Top 10 things not to say to a Police Officer 60.4838709677419%
Golf AssociationPicture
A husband can relate to his pregnant wife 60%
Gender SwitchesText
See a box with switches for both Male and Female 59.6551724137931%
God's BalanceText
Finally a joke that explains what it's like to be Canadian 59.6428571428571%
Gotta love the MarinesText
A general is inteviewed by a female reporter 59.2%
GI InsuranceText
An Insurance sales person has a high success rate of selling insurance to soldiers 59.0697674418605%
Got to GoPicture
When you have to go, you have to go 59.016393442623%
Ghostly VW ad (3.5 Mb)Movie
An advertisement that never got aired because of something eerie in the film 58.5810810810811%
God v. Henry FordText
A story of Henry Fords time in Heaven 58.5135135135135%
God's DietText
And God created food... 58.1818181818182%
Grinch TestText
A quick test to see if you're a Grinch at Christmas time 58.0851063829787%
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