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Popular Jokes starting with G

Jokes Starting with G

Gas Price CartoonsPicture
More comics about high gas prices 
Gas PricesPicture
Think the prices of gas are high? 
Gender SwitchesText
See a box with switches for both Male and Female 
Genesis - the DOS versionText
Creation told via a computer 
Geometry JokesText
Math jokes for the Geeks-at-heart 
George for DummiesPicture
A book to help out the President 
George Bush shows his geography skills 
German PopePicture
Things have changed at the Vatican since Pope Benedict took over 
Getting over a RelationshipPicture
Something to help you feel better 
Getting pulled overText
Top 10 things not to say to a Police Officer 
Ghetto LifePicture
Pictures taken from the Ghetto 
Ghostly VW ad (3.5 Mb)Movie
An advertisement that never got aired because of something eerie in the film 
GI InsuranceText
An Insurance sales person has a high success rate of selling insurance to soldiers 
Giddy UpText
A blonde tries horseback riding 
GingerBread ManPicture
So that's why this gingerbread man is smiling 
Girl DriversPicture
Perhaps the stereotype fits better than first thought 
Girlfriend O/SText
Find out what happens when a Guy puts in various Operating Systems 
Gladiator Wrestling RulesPicture
No holds barred wrestling still means fighting with honour 
Globalization DefinitionText
What is the truest definition of Globalization? 
GM vs. MicrosoftText
What happens if GM and Microsoft switch jobs 
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