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Popular Jokes starting with F

Jokes Starting with F

Facts about SantaText
Scientific Facts about Santa. Do not show kids 
Failed Hallmark CardsPicture
Cards for that special someone that you will never see in stores 
Failed Hallmark CardsText
Rejects that just did not make it 
Failed Kids BooksText
Little Children's Books that never got published 
Failed Nursury RhymesText
Mother Goose would be shocked by these 
Fairy of JoyPicture
The Fairy of Joy brings happiness to those she visits 
False AdvertisingPicture
You won't see billboards like these 
False BillboardsPicture
Billboards you likely won't find along any roadsite 
Family Tech SupportPicture
A son tries to help his parents fix their computer 
Family Zoo TripPicture
I bet this kid whined and cried until he got to feed the racoons 
Famous QuotesPicture
These people are a bit out in left field 
Famous TestiesPicture
Various Peoples Testies 
Farmer Joe's InjuriesText
A farmer gets in an accident and sues for injuries 
Farming out the WorkText
A farmer visits another farmer to discuss their son and daughters discretions 
Fat ElvisPicture
A Halloween Costume gone bad 
Fed U.P.exPicture
I guess neither delivered their mail in time today 
Female QuotesText
Great quotes by great ladies in history 
Ferrari SpottingPicture
A son spots a Ferrari on the road and points it out to his father 
Fictional BillboardsPicture
Billboards you will never see while driving down the highway 
Final SolutionPicture
Microsofts Business Practices 
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