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Popular Jokes starting with E

Jokes Starting with E

Early 90s TeenagerText
You Know you are a Teen of the Early 90s if... 
Early Warning SignPicture
Stop them while they are still young 
Easiest Quiz in the WorldText
Take this simple little quiz 
Easter BunniesPicture
Two talking chocolate bunnies 
Easter Egg ProductionPicture
How Easter Eggs are REALLY made 
Easter is CancelledPicture
Oh no, something has happened to the Easter Bunny 
Eat and Fill upPicture
You must think of the message before you design the sign 
Ed is Back (4 Mb)Movie
A movie about Ed Broadbent coming back to the NDP Political Party (Canadian) 
Effects of ViagraPicture
Drastic Effects from taking too much Viagra 
Egg Nog ConceprtionPicture
How Egg Nog came to be 
Egyptian SayingsText
An Analysis of Hyroglyphics 
Einstein QuotesText
A few thoughts from one of the world's smartest dead guys 
Elderly Couple at McDonaldsText
What love is like after 60 years of marraige 
Elderly InvitationalText
A tale from a nursing home 
Elderly LovePicture
Old, but still got that spark to their love life 
Elderly MarraigeText
An elderly couple is excited about getting married 
Elderly SpeederText
An older lady gets pulled over for speeding... 
Elect me for MayorPicture
What a great slogan for a campaign 
Election Ballot BoxPicture
Hmm... Does this describe the politician that they are voting for? 
Electronic MarriedPicture
For those types who meet over the Internet or Phone Lines 
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