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Geoffs Favourites

Alien Song (3 Mb)Movie
Rendition of the song - I will survive 
Are you a Professional?Text
Simple test to find out how professional you are 
Austrailian Sheep HerderPicture
So that is how they get their animals to market 
Client ParkingPicture
You know what they say about guys with nice cars 
Eskimo Diets (2.5 Mb)Movie
Why the Inuit diet is so tasty 
European TerroristText
All the threats to security have got some European Nations up in arms 
Hand me the Hair DryerPicture
A wife asks her husband to help her get ready in the morning 
Have some funText
Try to have a little fun each day... 
Home RemediesText
Unorthodox tips and tricks for around the home 
Ideological ToysText
Beliefs and Thought according to Toys 
Lost in TranslationPicture
Something got lost in the translation of these two signs 
Mans RemotePicture
Ideal Remote for any Man 
Men VacuumingPicture
What happens when a man vacuums the house 
Noah in the MillineumText
Noah has to build an Ark again 
Re-State of the Union (7 Mb)Movie
George Bushes 2003 State of the Union address -- edited for clarity 
Safety at WorkPicture
Even if they wear their hard hats and protective gear, it wouldn't help these workers 
Shotgun RulesText
Guidelines for the front seat 
Sleeping on Job ExcusesPicture
Ten best things to say if you get caught sleeping at your desk: 
The E-wordPicture
Forget about F, this is even a worse word to use 
This Land (3 Mb)Flash
George Bush and John Kerry sing about their chances in the 2004 election 
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