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Popular Jokes in Religious


23rd Computer PsalmText
The 23rd Psalm is updated for computers 
Abrieviated BibleText
The Bible in 50 Words 
Abstainence on Noahs ArkText
No fun on the ark 
Angels ReportText
God sends 2 angels down to report on earth 
Answering God's MailText
A Canada Post employee replies to a letter addressed to God 
Atheist TeachersText
A story from the classroom 
Baptist RedneckText
You might be a Baptist if... 
Biblical CoffeeText
A wife and husband discuss who should make the coffee in the morning 
Biblical Wife AcquisitionText
The Top 16 Biblical Ways to Acquire a Wife 
Catholic DrivingPicture
How you know when Catholics are driving too fast 
Christian Bumper StickersText
Top 10 things people will not say when they see a Christian Bumper Sticker 
Christian One-linesText
Have to love us Christians and our Humour 
Church BulletinsText
A collection of errors in Church Bulletins 
Church SignPicture
Check out the Name of this Church 
Cold Religious NightsText
Have you heard the one about the Priest and the Nun? 
College Bible StudentsText
What if the bible was written by College Students? 
Daily LivesText
Using the Bible in our everyday lives 
Daily PrayerText
A person says their daily prayer 
Dying in StyleText
A old preacher last request before he meets his Maker 
German PopePicture
Things have changed at the Vatican since Pope Benedict took over 
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