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Popular Jokes in Redneck


A Redneck's LifePicture
Various things that are part of Hic's life 
Farming out the WorkText
A farmer visits another farmer to discuss their son and daughters discretions 
Hic LingoText
Jokes and phrases about hics and rednecks 
How To Speak SouthernText
Redneck and Southern Translation for the rest o' us 
It's a (Redneck) LivingPicture
How to spot those Rednecks Among Us 
Jedi RednecksText
You might be a Jedi Redneck if... 
Moon RedneckPicture
What the lunar rover would look like if rednecks were on the room 
Redneck DogsPicture
Your dog might be a redneck if... 
Redneck Family TreeText
This is tricky, try to keep up 
Redneck Medical TermsText
Medical Lingo for Cletus and friends... 
Redneck PacifierPicture
A redneck baby sucks on his pacifier 
Redneck PoemText
Poetry about a redneck's decision on who to marry 
Redneck PrioritiesPicture
Well, at least this vehicle isn't on cement blocks 
Redneck Sex TestText
A simple test for the hics out dar 
Sex Education ConventionText
A man meets a sex education teacher en route to Chicago 
Small Town LivingText
You might be from a small town if... 
Techno Country FolkText
Definitions for Country Folk 
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