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Popular Jokes in Alcohol and Highs

Alcohol and Highs

50 Signs You Have A Drinking ProblemText
You might want to check in AA if these apply 
Air RudolfPicture
How Rudolf Flies could get Santa in Trouble 
AirLine MechanicsText
Two Airline Mechanics Decide to Drink on the Job 
Alcohol at WorkText
16 Reasons why Alcohol should be served at Work 
Alcohol PersonalitiesText
You are what you drink 
Alcohol WarningText
They got cigarette warnings, why no for beer 
Alcohol WarningsText
If beer bottles ever get the same warning labels at cigarettes, perhaps they will say the following 
Alcoholic WorkersText
Why Companies Should Allow Alcohol in the Workplace 
Alf is Growing OldPicture
Arthretis can really have an impact on your daily routine 
All Grown UpText
26 Signs that you've grown up 
An Irishmans Last LaughText
An Irishman only have a few months to live 
Animals and DrugsText
Why do drugs when you can run through the forest 
Beer -- Before and AfterPicture
See what happens to your vision after a few beers 
Beer Delays Death (3.5 Mb)Movie
Why does this guy keep surviving all these things 
Beer Drinker SoulText
Chicken Soup for the Beer Drinking Soul 
Beer PrayerText
Prayer for those who believe in other 
Beer ScootersText
How drunks seem to end up getting home at night 
Beer StudyPicture
A little study about the effects of alcohol 
Beer TroubleshootingPicture
A Troubleshooting Chart to help you out at the Bar 
Beer WarningsText
Much like smoking, the FDA wants warnings on bottles 
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