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Part of Main ImageGeorge Bush, Dubya 
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Popular Jokes in George Bush, Dubya

George Bush, Dubya

Americas Mini MePicture
Like father, like son 
Bin Laden HighPicture
Take off of I got High song 
Bomb IraqText
Sung to the tune of "If you're happy..." 
Bush Explains IraqPicture
Bush's speech outlines the reasons for going into Iraq 
Bush's VacationPicture
Perhaps the president didn't cut his fishing trip short for Katrina after all 
Canadian ApologyText
A Truly Canadian Apology to the USA... By Rick Mercer 
Computer HicksPicture
Tech Terms for the Hicks 
Dubya's 2nd Term (5Mb)Flash
Jib Jab's newest video about President Bush's second term 
Dubya's ExpressionsPicture
Someone is making a monkey out of the President 
Florida BallotPicture
The Infamous Florida Election Ballot 
Osama's trying to meet people online. Check out his bio 
Frodo has FailedPicture
Looks like Frodo didn't complete his quest in Lord of the Rings 
George for DummiesPicture
A book to help out the President 
Kitty RulesText
Rules for Cats to live by 
Latenight Iraq JokesText
Various jokes made by Letterman, Kilborn, Leno and O'Brien. 
Monica's Dream TeamPicture
The Utlimate Soccer Team for Miss Lewinsky 
New Movie PostersPicture
New Movies made after World Trade Disaster 
New USA MapPicture
After the 2004 Presidential Election, the boundries were re-drawn 
NYC - Taliban StylePicture
What New York City might look like if the Taliban wins 
Political MemoriesPicture
Ahh, the photo memories from the gulf war 
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