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Popular Jokes in Terrorism


Airplane-Safe BuildingsPicture
In a perfect world, buildings could resist airplanes 
Amish TerroristPicture
How to spot an Terrorist among the Amish 
Axis of Evil and othersText
The tagging of Evil Countries 
Ben Laden Lately?Picture
Wrong Spelling. Right Meaning. 
Bin Laden HighPicture
Take off of I got High song 
Bin Who?Picture
Various affiliates of Osama Bin Laden 
Bomb IraqText
Sung to the tune of "If you're happy..." 
Bush Explains IraqPicture
Bush's speech outlines the reasons for going into Iraq 
Bush loses WarPicture
What George W. Bush will look like if he loses the war 
Canadian ValueText
We Canadians try to help 
Carpet ChasePicture
How the US Air Force is tracking Osama Bin Laden 
Did they mean to do that?Picture
Were these things supposed to be this way or is it just coincidence 
Dr. Evil Bin LadenPicture
I will give myself up for one million dollars 
Dubya's 2nd Term (5Mb)Flash
Jib Jab's newest video about President Bush's second term 
European TerroristText
All the threats to security have got some European Nations up in arms 
Osama's trying to meet people online. Check out his bio 
How to Annoy your RoommateText
Over 150 ways to Annoy your Roommate! 
How's yur day going?Text
Think you are having a bad day, some people have had it worse 
I am not CanadianText
Variations of Molsons Beer commercial 
Laden's Hiding PlacePicture
Intelligence has found Bin Laden hideout 
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